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Technical Information

From this page, you can browse all of the technical information I've collected about my AMC's. Information on the 1966 Rebel will tend to be performance oriented while the information on the 1968 American will be more repair and restoration oriented.


Shop Safety
Tools You Should Make Sure Are Good Quality
Engine Torque Specs
AMC Speedometer Gear Chart (NOTE: This is a large page)
Automotive Dictionary
Cleaning Hoses Moved to Rambler American Restoration
AMC Inline 6 Head Bolt Modification Moved to Rambler American Restoration
Electrical Systems Primer
Power Steering Conversion (post `66 vehicles) Moved to Rambler American Restoration
1963-1966 Production Sequence Numbers - Find out what month your car was built in!
Saginaw Power Steering Pump Rebuild Moved to Rambler American Restoration
1970 Model Year AMA Data

1966 Rebel (Note: I no longer have this car)

VIN Decoder (covers Ambassador, Classic, and Marlin)
Door Tag Decoder
Interior Color Codes
Electrical Tips
Mechanical Tips
Installing A Chevy V8
Installing Ladder Bars
Marlin and Classic Grille and Headlight Door Information

1968 American

This content has been moved to the Rambler American Restoration section.

Wiring Diagrams

66 Ambassador, Classic, Marlin
  Air Conditioning
  "Shift Command"
  Interior and Trunk - Marlin
  Interior and Trunk - Hard Top
  Interior, Trunk, and Top - Convertible
  Main Wiring

68 Javelin/AMX(119kb GIF)
68 Rambler American (78kb GIF)
68 Electric Wipers

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