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Cleaning Hoses

As I was rebuilding the motor on my American (click here for the visual results), I needed to clean up the breather hose that goes from the air cleaner to the valve cover. I asked around a bit, and was told of a way that is easy and doesn't leave a fake shiny coating.

What you need is some brake cleaning fluid, paper towels, and Armor All (I used STP Son Of A Gun) type of stuff. Spray the hose with the brake cleaner and immediately wipe it off. You'll probably need to do this several times to get it clean and working in small sections worked best for me. Once it is clean, wipe it down with the Armor All and wipe off the excess. This leaves a nice finish that looks similar to a new hose.

One word of warning, if you have hoses with painted markings on them, this will remove all of them. I'm told sandblasting will not remove these marks but I've never tried it.

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