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1963-1966 Production
Sequence Numbers

This page lists the ending production sequence number for each month of production for model years 1963 through 1966. This information is from a Service Bulletin issued January 19, 1967.

Year/Month Ending Sequence Numbers
1963 Model Year
August E- 3909 W- 3411
September E-18843 W-15285
October E-37744 W-31457
November E-59776 W-51469
December E-90181 W-76304
January E-111554 W- 93425
February E-134720 W-118755
March E-152243 W-139755
April E-171218 W-162638
May E-194275 W-189634
June E-213609 W-209059
July E-232156 W-227138


Year/Month Ending Sequence Numbers
1964 Model Year
August E- 9267 W- 6449
September E-28448 W-16377
October E-49239 W-31324
November E-77659 W-59780
December E-97287 W-79479
January E-116697 W- 98874
February E-133621 W-115608
March E-150919 W-132958
April E-168667 W-150707
May E-184957 W-167291
June E-194816 W-177026
July E-203073 W-182066


Year/Month Ending Sequence Numbers
1965 Model Year
August E- 9976 W- 8878
September E-25611 W-21863
October E-47061 W-42933
November E-68518 W-63816
December E-92155 W-87085
January E-109016 W-104038
February E-119045 W-114261
March E-133969 W-128882
April E-155900 W-149737
May E-172996 W-166703
June E-189161 W-182359
July E-194045 W-188273


Year/Month Ending Sequence Numbers
1966 Model Year
August E- 6450 W- 4999
September E-13067 W-11553
October E-34751 W-33497
November E-50638 W-49602
December E-66576 W-65737
January E- 69827 W- 73891
February E- 76489 W- 89329
March E- 83155 W-104426
April E- 94199 W-128989
May E-102217 W-146744
June E-112192 W-167369

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