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Fixing the Leaky Windshield in my `68 American
Part 8 - The [Almost] Finished Repair

June 29, 2002

I've decided to spare you pictures of me applying and sanding body filler but after hours of sanding, applying filler, sanding, finish metal working, sanding, spraying primer, and sanding, here's the almost finished repair. Did I mention I did a lot of sanding?

Why almost? The reason is I didn't notice until after I started spraying that the paint I purchased is a clear coat system. By the time I had gone back to the store to get clear coat, the window for applying it at the same time had passed so I'll have to wait a few days for it to cure completely before I can apply the clear.

The paint I'm using is DupliColor Forest Green Pearl. This was the closest automotive grade spray paint I found to the original Rally Green Metallic but it's much "bluer". I expect some of that to go away once the clear is applied . I did actually try to find a shade of green closer to what's on it now but I guess peoples tastes have improved to the point where they can't sell that color anymore.

One word of warning: I had a bunch of problems with the spray nozzle staying on the can. When it was on, it sprayed great. When it wasn't, it spit paint all over the place (mostly on my hand). By the time I was done, I had gotten a feel for when it was going to do this so it was less of a problem. If you are using one of these cans and it starts taking more pressure to get it to spray, the nozzle has come loose. Stop, clean up any dripped paint, and push it back on.

The second patch panel after filler but before primer/surfacer.
Here's a shot of the second patch panel I did after I was finished with the filler but prior to using primer/surfacer and a few hours of sanding.

The second patch panel after the base coat was applied.
Here's the same patch after application of the base coat. Compare this with the same area prior to the repairs.

The repaired area in Forest Green Pearl base coat.
Here's the car as it is right now. After the base coat has finished curing (48 hours according to the can), I'm going to paint the other half of the cowl. Once I do this and apply the clear, I'll add a few more pictures.

Up Next: Putting it all back together.

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