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1967 Wagon Quarter Panel Repair
Part 8 - Putting It Back Together Part 6

April 23, 2006

I figured out how to finish this patch without scaring up additional help. As you can see from the picture below, the patch fits very well and it ready to be tacked into place.

I ended up not using my panel clamps but I was able to get the everything lined up nicely with the magnets shown above and a pair of Vice Grips. Just like the lower panel, this one didn't exactly fall right into place, but by using the magnets as handles and working very slowly around the patch, I was able to get it lined up. I also found that the area where the panels curve out over the wheel well lip were slightly different shapes. A few minutes with a a pick hammer took care of that problem.

Once the I got the patch tacked in (the tacks are mostly between a quarter and half in apart), I called it quits for the day and did some yard work.

Up next: Final welding on the upper patch

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