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1967 Wagon Quarter Panel Repair
Part 9 - Putting It Back Together Part 7

April 29, 2006

This past Wednesday, I finished welding in most of the upper patch. I left the bottom seam for latter since I find welding that seam awkward at best either sitting in my garage chair (too high) or the floor (too low). I picked up a creep seat Thursday and that was just the right height and that seam has since been welded.

Here's a picture of the back of the panel. As you can tell, I ended up with nice weld penetration all the way around the weld. The lower panel is like this as well but I was unable to get decent picture of it due to lack of space.

The only thing I'm not real happy about with the job is the amount of distortion I ended up with in the quarter. The blue smudge looking areas (reflection of the gas tank for the MIG welder) are where the distortion is the worst.

Today, I roped one of my nephews into helping me with the distortion. We got the rear most area just about perfect but the front one was a different story since there isn't room for a dolly behind it where we needed it. I'll have to work on that from the front but that's a job for another day.

Up next: Rough body work.

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