Parts Wanted

Here's the "Official As It Gets Charity AMX Parts Needed List"

The parts needed are for a 1970 AMX with a 360. Please refer to to see if any of these parts have been donated since the last update.

Under The Hood

  • Correct log style 1970 up exhaust manifolds with smog holes. These would all work from 304 to 401 engines, but the date coded mid 70 AMC's would be better. Will take them with or without the smog stuff on them.
  • Smog tubes-both sides and nozzles and washers
  • Heat riser.
  • Ram air parts-need everything except the “Y” duct and hood chrome parts (need over air cleaner with foam and solenoid, hood inserts)
  • Would like a radiator with the date code J9, K9, L9, A0, B0, C0. Damaged or not, as long as the top tank is good.
  • 7 bladed fan
  • Correct 70 air cleaner housing with element-have snorkel and lid. Need wing nut.
  • Black heater hose to water pump
  • Accelerator cable
  • Accelerator cable bracket that mounts on the engine intake manifold
  • Heater control cable
  • Clamps for smog system hoses
  • Smog pump fan belt
  • High pressure power steering hose (this has the fittings on either end)
  • Vacuum advance hard formed line
  • Cowl weather strip and metal retainer and screws
  • Radiator cap
  • Power steering pump rebuild kit
  • Correct battery
  • Correct nuts for hood hinges-need 8
  • Dip stick
  • Fuel line clamp at valve cover
  • Vacuum advance assy (single diaphragm)
  • Correct distributor cap
  • Correct coil
  • 69-70 heater motor (68 is on the car)
  • Windshield washer pump
  • Windshield washer bag clips (2)
  • Outer grill brackets-lower brackets, not the ones that mount to the upper core support (have all 4 of those)
  • Both horns
  • Hood release linkage parts-black plastic and rod that goes through it
  • Correct style battery
  • Correct battery cables and starter cable
  • One un-dented valve cover
  • White and black wire looms-NOS please
  • Date coded plug wires
  • Correct hose clamps-all

Exterior Body Needs

  • All four marker lights and correct screws
  • 2 directional light housings, one lens and 2 bulbs. I need the housings with the prongs on the back, not the wires. Here is a picture of the housing with the wire and the push in plug that we need:
  • Left and right horns
  • 2 small bumper bolts for ends of front bumper
  • 2 360 emblems
  • Clips for windshield and rear window surround stainless trim
  • Rain gutter trim-right rear with clip
  • Quarter window trim-left and right (chrome mounts on top of quarter panel). Also need one clip and both screws
  • License plate light assy.
  • Deck (trunk) lid - no rust only
  • Need a 70 door, left side. Can trade a mint 68 door. Here are some differences:

    1970 (Compare to the 68-a lot of differences)

    68 (note missing plastic white clips and insert area)
  • Needs a windshield-tinted
  • Need taillight housings chromed
  • need hood trim and headlight door trim chromed
  • Complete wheel assys-lug nuts, center caps (have retainers), trim rings. Need 4 correct wheels-can trade for the 7 inch Ford ones on the car.
  • Correct “TS” headlights
  • Needs retaining nuts and washers for the wiper linkage. need the linkage and parts to attach it to the motor.
  • Correct machine screws for the headlight doors
  • Trunk lock and retainer assy.
  • One upper door hinge windstop and retainer
  • Front license plate bracket

Interior Needs

  • Plastic 4 speed floor hump
  • Roof rail weather strip-both sides
  • Door weather strips-both sides
  • Welting-covers the pinch weld around the doors. Also need both plastic end caps.
  • Armrest repaired-have 3-doesn't someone repair these?
  • Black plastic door locks
  • Plastic seat backs and lower side seat trim for driver's side (small version)
  • AMX emblem for steering wheel and metal center section
  • Handle for emergency brake-70 style
  • Clutch and brake pedal pads
  • Electric wiper switch assy (donated one has missing connector)
  • One door pull-hard rubber style
  • Complete dash crash pad
  • Sun visors
  • Headliner
  • Vinyl covers for interior windshield posts with clips and screws
  • Dash speaker
  • Shift handle needs to be re-chromed
  • Vinyl roof rail trim
  • Trim around rear window-top and bottom piece and two side "J" shaped parts
  • Plastic trim under rear quarter window with push in rear button.
  • One seat belt buckle in black. Also need bolts. Would like them reconditioned as well.
  • Repair clock
  • Ashtray
  • Glove box liner
  • Floor pan patch panels-left and right rear
  • Both door light switches (driver's one is a GM part)
  • Rear view mirror assy
  • just about every screw, nut, or bolt for the interior parts

Trunk Area And Under Car Needs

  • Leaf springs and u-bolts
  • Idler arm
  • 4 torque link bushings
  • Emergency brake cables-all
  • Trunk mat
  • Correct spatter paint
  • 1 side marker light cover
  • Black cap for inflator bottle
  • Trunk weather stripping
  • Foam rubber pieces to hold rear harness in place
  • And if you happened to have a center armrest with brackets (condition not important) or a tilt wheel or an A/C system I would be happy to install them on the car.

If you can provide any of these parts, leads on them, or contribute money to purchase them, please contact Tom Benvie or Frank Swygert ( More information on making donations can be found in the Donation FAQ.


Last Updated: 10/22/2008