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Fixing the Leaky Windshield in my `68 American
Parts That Need Repaired or Replaced

This page is simply a listing of all of the parts I will either need to repair, replace, or find in order to put the car back together after I've finished the repairs around the windshield (or at least what started out as repairs around the windshield <G>). When the car is put back together, it is my intention to have everything in front of the doors operating properly and looking very nice (I'm not yet sure if that means painted or not).

The main reason for putting this list on the website is to give you some idea of the types of things you have to pay attention to when restoring a car. Also, keep in mind that this car has the base level (which is to say almost no) trim. If you have a car with a higher level of trim, you'll find that you have to replace many other clips and fasteners that this car doesn't have.

NOTE: After I was well on my way to repairing the cowl rust, reality set in and I decided not to fix every sin I found at this time. Basically, I'm limiting myself to fixing the cowl at this time and the rest will have to wait until a later date.

The list is roughly in the order that the repairs need to happen.

Body Related

  • Repair partially cut off headlight door bracket on passenger fender (done)
  • Fix dings in driver's fender and bent edge from driver's door (done)
  • Drill holes for American badge in passenger fender and weld extra holes from Rambler badge closed
  • Repair driver side inner fender under battery tray
  • Replace battery tray
  • Repair rust in cowl (done)
  • Repair cracks around driver's side wiper pivot (done)
  • Repair damaged wiper motor to cowl screw holes (done)
  • Replace hood (existing is twisted)
  • Repair dent in cowl from closing the hood on a screwdriver (yes, this is why the hood is bent and also why it's important to make sure ALL of your tools are put away before you close the hood)
  • Straighten driver's side frame sill
  • Fix dent in driver's door from missing check strap pin
  • Repair driver's door hinges
  • Strip replacement hood, fenders, bumper to grille filler, and radiator support
  • Repair replacement radiator support
  • Replace radiator support
  • Repair or replace bumper to grille filler panel (replaced with good used)
  • Replace body to fender rubber filler panels (done)
  • Paint all stripped and repaired parts
  • Replace windshield and gasket (done)
  • Replace cowl to hood weather strip and retaining pins (could not find replacement, original cleaned and reinstalled)
  • Replace hood bumpers (done)
  • Repair trim strip on hood
  • Locate trim strip for bumper to grille filler
  • Replace American badges on fenders
  • Replace reflector bezels for both fenders
  • Replace passenger side reflector
  • Replace hood emblem
  • Repair bumper mounting bracket on driver's side
  • Repair and re-chrome bumper
  • Refinish replacement grille (current grille is from a 1969 Rambler)
  • Replace missing headlight door and bucket retaining screws

Interior Related

  • Strip dash board and glove box door (done)
  • Paint dash board and glove box door (done)
  • Replace heater control cable to heater control clips (done)
  • Replace glove box insert (done)
  • Replace missing glove box to dash screw (done)
  • Replace glove box door bumpers
  • Replace or repair glove box door check strap (done)
  • Replace wire harness to dash retaining straps (done)
  • Repair defroster duct (done)
  • Replace dash anti-squeak strips (reused existing)
  • Repair cracks in dash pad
  • Clean and paint (or dye) interior trim removed with the dash pad
  • Replace headliner

Misc. Items

  • Align steering shaft components (alignment marks were not used when power steering conversion was done)

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