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Painting an AMC Inline Six

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This page provides information on how to properly paint 199 and 232 cubic inch inline six cylinder engines made by AMC for model years 1964-1969. Also included is information on which parts are date coded and any parts that have other distinctive markings on them. I have not included information on decal placement.

I'd also like to publicly thank Tom Benvie for information on the date codes and how various parts are to be painted and Larry Daum for providing the paint codes.

Without any further ado, here's the information:

Engine Colors

Year Size Paint Code
1964 199 Cape Cod Blue (Ditzler #12675, Dupont #4416)
1964 232 Rampart Red (Ditzler #71394, Dupont #4541)
1965 199 Cape Cod Blue (Ditzler #12675, Dupont #4416)
1965 232 Rampart Red (Ditzler #71394, Dupont #4541)
1966 199 Cape Cod Blue (Ditzler #12675, Dupont #4416)
1966 232 Rampart Red (Ditzler #71394, Dupont #4541)
1967 199 Cape Cod Blue (Ditzler #12675, Dupont #4416)
1967 232 Rampart Red (Ditzler #71394, Dupont #4541)
1968 All Caravelle Blue (Ditzler #13416, Dupont #4936DH)
1969 All Poly Blue Metallic (Ditzler #13730) (this is the commonly available AMC engine blue)

Cape Cod Blue paint is available from Galvin's (

Poly Blue Metallic is available from most AMC specialty vendors as well as Eastwood (

Items Painted Engine Color

  • Engine block
  • head
  • oil pan
  • valve cover
  • timing cover
  • water pump
  • vibration damper
  • bell housing (should be assembled to engine prior to painting) -- this is not painted solid, it should have heavy overspray near the engine,
  • bell housing shim (only the portion exposed is painted)
  • bell housing inspection cover (this should be gloss black on automatic transmission cars)
  • intake and exhaust manifolds
  • oil dipstick handle and tube
  • thermostat housing (Note: some engines had an unpainted thermostat housing, you will need to do a careful inspection of your engine to determine if the house was painted or not).
  • lower alternator bracket
  • smog tubes
  • transmission dipstick tube bracket

Items Painted Black

  • All pulleys (gloss)
  • fan (gloss)
  • starter housing (nose is unpainted aluminum on some)
  • motor mount brackets (gloss)
  • air cleaner (gloss)
  • cross members (gloss)
  • upper alternator bracket
  • power steering pump (gloss black)
  • radiator (flat black -- Eastwood's satin black radiator paint is very close to the original look)
  • lower power steering pump brackets
  • A/C brackets
  • transmission cooler line brackets (gloss)
  • throttle return spring bracket (gloss)
  • transmission dipstick tube

Items Not Painted

  • Fuel pump
  • carburetor
  • alternator
  • distributor
  • coil bracket (this is zinc plated)
  • upper power steering pump bracket
  • A/C compressor
  • all other aluminum brackets


  • Original starters were labeled AMC and have a date code.
  • Engine fans have a date code.
  • Carburetors have a date code.
  • Fuel pumps have a date code.
  • Coil is black with raised numbers and 'Delco Remey' embossed on the top bakelite section.
  • Distributor cap is black with 'Delco Remey' embossed on the top. 1967 and older also say "Patent Pending", 1968 and newer have a patent number on them.
  • Plug wires are date coded and made by Packard.
  • Spark plugs are made by Champion (check owner's or service manual for proper plug).
  • A/C compressor is manufactured by York and date coded.
  • Dealer added A/C used hose clamps on the refrigerant lines, factory air had crimped on lines.
  • Radiator has date code on top tank.
  • Radiator hoses are preformed and may have either a yellow or white stripe on them.
  • Radiator hose clamps are the tower type.

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