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Front Turn Signal Bulb Replacement

You may be thinking to yourself that a page dedicated to changing turn signal bulbs seems a little extreme. I mean, they are right there on the front bumper so how hard can it be? The reason I'm posting this is because the housing design makes it pretty difficult to change the bulb without breaking it and cutting yourself. There aren't too many areas on these cars that I'd say are poorly designed but this in one of them (the back up lights fall into the same category since they use the same housing with different sockets).

Without any further ado, here is the process that worked for me:

  • Remove the housing from the car (tie a string around the wire so you can guide it back in).
  • Put on some gloves, break the bulb and shake all of the broken glass out of it.
  • Using a thin flat blade screw driver (I used one with a 3/16" blade) and a hammer, gently drive the end of the screwdriver between the housing and the boot on the socket. Once it's driven out about 1/8", you'll be able to remove the socket. If the housing is heavily corroded, you may need to use a larger screwdriver to help wiggle it out.
  • Remove the rest of the bulb from the socket. A couple of whacks with the hammer and screwdriver in the slots for the pins on the bulb will crush it enough to get it out.
  • Inspect the contacts in the socket to make sure they are clean and that they compress when you push in on them and check the socket to make sure it isn't corroded. Clean as needed.
  • Put the bulb in the housing, hold it in place, and install the socket on the bulb.
  • Start the socket back in the housing and then tap it into place with a hammer and a wrench just big enough to slip over the small part of the boot.

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