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Red River Gorge - April 2012

I felt the need to get away from things for a few days and wanted to go someplace that was both remote but not too far away from home. I decided to head down to Red River Gorge (it's near Slade, KY) for this short get away. Red River Gorge is a gorge carved by the Red River and it's in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The mountains are much smaller than the places I've been out west but but there is still a lot of the natural beauty and ruggedness that I enjoy when I get away. I stayed in the lodge at the Natural Bridge State Resort Park this time (last time I was there, I camped out) which is a nice place to stay. My room was clean and comfy, had a good view from the balcony, and the staff there were all friendly. The room itself was nothing to write home about but the point of the trip wasn't to hang out in a hotel room so it was perfect for what I wanted.

While I was there, I went to these places:

I also intended see Angel Windows (also off of KY-715) but the trail was too slick for my gym shoes so I turned back instead of becoming an angel myself.

The last thing of interest I saw on my trip was a giant Dixie cup in Lexington, KY:

I found out about this from Roadside You can read more about it on the Dixie Cup Water Tower page.

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