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Engine Hardware

August 28th, 2005

Classify this one under "having a Mopar moment". Here's the deal: The wagon's engine is off getting looked at to see what exactly is wrong with it mechanically. I've cleaned up most of the bits and pieces needed to put the engine back in the car (I need to do the motor mount brackets, the transmission crossmember, transmission cooler lines, lower alternator bracket, and the ignition coil) and I was looking for something to do. Since I had this nice collection of fairly clean hardware staring at me, I decided to snap a few pictures of what I'm pretty sure is correct hardware. You'll notice that I've replaced all of the lock washers and some of the nuts since I'd rather have the engine stay in the car than worry about having a perfect engine compartment. Without further ado, here's the stuff I've cleaned up to far.

This is the coil bracket and associated hardware. There are two 5/16" course thread screws holding the bracket to the engine and one long self tapping machine screw. All of the parts in the above picture were originally zinc plated. I painted these parts with Eastwood's Clear Zinc paint.
Here's the top of one of the bracket to engine screws. Note the L within the large G on the top of the head.
Here's the underside of the bolt.
Here's the top of a factory coil. When the coil is properly installed, the words "Delco Remy" will be parallel to the engine with the negative terminal pointing towards the distributor.
This is a picture of some codes on the coil. I'm guessing that "033" is a model or Delco part number and that 12-V means twelve volts. This coil will be painted gloss black when it goes back on the engine.