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Several Engine Related Date Codes

August 9, 2005

While I was milling about in the garage tonight, I decided to finish off the batteries in my digital camera by taking some pictures of some of the date codes I came across while pulling the engine. Some of these are hard to read but I'll go over what they mean after each picture.

This is the engine date code. It reads 810J27. This translates to October 27th, 1966. The J is the engine size and carburetor type. In this case, it's a 199 with a 1 bbl carburetor.

Here's the radiator date code. The first 7 characters are the AMC part number (3186059), next is the word MODINE (this is the radiator manufacturer). The next characters are the radiator model (31 P) followed by the date code (106). Mine decodes to October 1966.

This is the date code for the fan. On the standard fans, the date code is near the edge of the blades. On flex fans (cars with A/C or heavy duty cooling got these and a fan shroud), the date code is near the hub. The codes on the fan are SC and E3. I have no idea what they mean.

Here's the location of the starter date code. The solenoid is on the left of the picture. The top row is the AMC part number and date code (6 K 26 -- October 26, 1966). The second row reads "DELCO REMY USA".

The fuel pump also has a date code stamped on it. On the Carter dual action fuel pumps, the date code is stamped on top of the mountings ears when you look down on them from the top. The number on the left is the model number and the one on the right is the date code. Mine is coded K-6 (October 1966).

The above picture shows the codes on the fan blower motor. The top row is the AMC part number. I'm assuming the middle row is the manufacturers number (400000 043). The bottom row is the date code: 21 66 which is likely the 21st week of 1966.