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Pictures From The 1997 Teague Meet

Here are some pictures I took at the 1997 Teague Meet in Columbus, OH on 7/13/97. See your car? Send a note to Contact Form and I'll make sure to include any other information you'd like to see about your car.

Special thanks to John Rosa for helping me straighten out the years on the AMX's and Javelins. More cars can be seen in his 'Un-car' gallery at

1959 Rambler Ambassador owned by Dave Gehrke of Plymouth, Indiana.
ambo.jpg (30257 bytes)

1969 AMX full-boogie dragster.
amx1.jpg (38937 bytes)

1969 Big Bad Blue AMX
amx2.jpg (42397 bytes)

1969 AMX
amx3.jpg (44409 bytes)

1968 AMX pro-streeter
amx4.jpg (34639 bytes)

1968 AMX with my friend Mike who always wanted to be on the Internet.
amx5.jpg (35324 bytes)

1970 AMX.
amx6.jpg (36286 bytes)

1969 Big Bad Green AMX. This was one of the nicest cars at the show. Click here for a shot of the engine compartment.
amx7.jpg (38566 bytes)

1965 Rambler American
convamer.jpg (33788 bytes)

1970 Rebel Machine
machine.jpg (37379 bytes)

Another shot of the 1970 Rebel Machine
machine2.jpg (33685 bytes)

1965 Marlin.
marlin1.jpg (43595 bytes)

1965 Marlin. You won't get any furniture in that trunk!
marlin2.jpg (28116 bytes)

1971 "Wild Plum Metallic" Javelin SST
plumjav.jpg (32508 bytes)

1970 Trans-Am Javelin. One of 16 known to exist (out of 100).
rwbjav1.jpg (52389 bytes)

1972 street replica of Mark Donohue's SCCA Trans-Am Javelin.
rwbjav2.jpg (45908 bytes)

1969 Hurst SC/Rambler. That's a big air cleaner for a 232, isn't it?
scram1.jpg (34741 bytes)

1969 Hurst SC/Rambler. Grandma can sure get to church fast with a 390!
scram2.jpg (47445 bytes)

1969 Husrt SC/Rambler. That's sure a flashy paint job for grandma's Rambler, aint it?!
scram3.jpg (48747 bytes)

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