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Power Tour `98

These are my pictures from Power Tour `98. Enjoy!

39plyhemi.jpg (32178 bytes)
How about a `39 Plymouth with a Hemi?

39plymouth.jpg (11090 bytes)
Here's that same `39 next to a Cobra replica and someone's beat-up Rambler.

65dart.jpg (23145 bytes)
Here's a really really nice `65 Dart four door.

69amxback.jpg (12736 bytes)
Guess what this is.

69amxside.jpg (22713 bytes)
Same car, from the front.

69bboamx.jpg (10683 bytes)
Here's a wiperless `69 BBO AMX. This guy now has a wiper motor from my Rambler.

buford.jpg (20021 bytes)
Here's something you don't see much of. A 50's Buick.

f85mill.jpg (35004 bytes)
This may well have been your father's Oldsmobile.

f85side.jpg (16548 bytes)
Here's another shot of it.

hotrodrambler.jpg (14980 bytes)
Chuck Hanson (host of Horse Power TV) and my Rambler.

humpy.jpg (5818 bytes)
Here's a humpy Javelin for ya.

limovette.jpg (17011 bytes)
How about a Corvette limo?

slant6.jpg (30183 bytes)
Here's the motor from the `65 Dart.

whatsit.jpg (6114 bytes)
Here's a whatzit. All I know is it has a VW motor.

nomad.jpg (9357 bytes)
Here's a nice Nomad.

lightdodge.jpg (9675 bytes)
A factory lightweight Dodge.

holley.jpg (14848 bytes)
Holley's "well done" 30's coupe.

chuckswagon.jpg (11432 bytes)
Chuck Hanson's wagon. No, Chevy never built a Chevelle SS wagon.

classyhauler.jpg (7870 bytes)
Now this is haulin' class!

coupe.jpg (19197 bytes)
Not sure what it started life as, but nice none the less.

70amx.jpg (18682 bytes)
A nice 70 AMX.

70amxmill.jpg (23596 bytes)
Engine shot of the same AMX.

blownvette.jpg (13794 bytes)
Here's one way to make a Chevette move.

58belair.jpg (8126 bytes)
So, when's the last time you saw a `58 Chevy?

purefunn.jpg (24345 bytes)
The name says it all. The owner drove this all the way from Michigan to LA and back again.

stude.jpg (16005 bytes)
A nice Studebaker Golden Hawk.

studemill.jpg (30159 bytes)
Here's the factory supercharged motor. Not readable is the beer can wrapped around the ignition coil. The owner did this in tribute to the 38 cases of beer he drank restoring it.

sc360.jpg (16635 bytes)
A Hornet SC/360.

purplecad.jpg (8132 bytes)
Anyone for a purple Caddy?

59elco1.jpg (16551 bytes)
Vintage Aire's "cool" 59 El Camino.

59elco2.jpg (18883 bytes)
Its very loooooooooong.

sniper1.jpg (29712 bytes)
Here's what happens when you give a rodder a wrecked Viper, a 50's Merc, a welder, and a stack of green.

sniper2.jpg (20046 bytes)
Pictures just don't do this car justice. There's not so much as a carpet fiber out of place.

pantera.jpg (12922 bytes)
Here's a nice Pantera.

bublechevy.jpg (23521 bytes)
Mmmmmm, bubble-top Chevy's, oooooooohhhh...

wastedtruck.jpg (18383 bytes)
How to waste a good truck and make it worse with a bad choice of wheels.

fromnzwlove.jpg (12542 bytes)
Boy flies in from New Zealand. Boy buys car. Boy drives car across country.

wagonbeater.jpg (14473 bytes)
I'm happy to say that ugliest shade of green was a close call. The trashed interior of my Rambler helped in the vote and I emerged victorious!

chevybeater.jpg (17700 bytes)
Another car in the "I need new springs" category.

otg.jpg (15018 bytes)
This is your car. This is your car if you got nuts and turned the body around. If you ask me, this is the hardest way I know of to put suicide doors on a car.

chrywagon.jpg (11384 bytes)
A little Mopar wagon.

cobra1.jpg (21789 bytes)
A nice Cobra replica.

cobra2.jpg (33899 bytes)
Another nice Cobra replica.

faties.jpg (20716 bytes)
Ramblering down the highway, surrounded by hot rod fatties, listening to oldies, trying not to wreck.

hotrodcover.jpg (22303 bytes)
Here's the replica of Hot Rod Magazine's first cover car.

caroadster.jpg (12296 bytes)
Here's the only Camaro I saw that wasn't part of the "been there, done that" crew.

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