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Stuart Fitchett's 1964 Classic Sedan
1964 Classic Sedan
Submitted by: Stuart Fitchett

Sarah Ashbrook's former 1963 Rambler American Sedan.
1963 American Sedan
Submitted by: Sarah Ashbrook

Steve Corbin's former 1966 Ambassador.
1966 Ambassador
Submitted by: Steve Corbin

1969 Rambler. This is what color my American was originally.
picdir/1969_american.gif (99881 bytes)
Submitted by: Dan Meyer.Visit him at http//

Dave Tuck's 1964 American Convertible
6407.jpg (46249 bytes)
Submitted by: Dave Tuck

Here's a few words about Dave's American:

"My 1964 Americam convertible, 195.6 OHV, auto, power roof.Made in Brampton, Canada by AMC as a factory RHD for export. One of only eight RHD models in Australia."

Lu Crego's 1965 American
sputter.jpg (59173 bytes)
Submitted by: Lu Crego

Eric Nelson's 1965 Marlin
65marlin.jpg (25067 bytes)
Submitted by: Eric Nelson


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