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My Rambler Rebel

Note: On March 15th, 2005, this car was sold.

Okay, I finally did it. I took a few pictures of my `66 Rebel. In keeping with a trend John Rosa started, I'm naming the car "Costly".

Here she is. `Ol Costly herself. The grill is evenly distributed between the backseat and my garage. Wiper arms are in the trunk. The car is leaning due to the rear springs not being installed correctly.66rebel01.jpg (37485 bytes)

A side shot (DUH!). Pay close attention to the spacing from the body to the rear tire.66rebel02.jpg (41059 bytes)

Another shot of the drivers side. The light spot behind the rear wheel is the driver's side rust spot. One of 3 on the car's exterior (not bad for a 31 year old Ohio car!). Oh, the paint's original on it as well.66rebel03.jpg (32047 bytes)

Here's the view I hope most people will see when she's back on the road!66rebel04.jpg (29154 bytes)

This shot didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. In it, you can see some of the new wiring, the new crossmember for the 350 Chevy, and the second worst under hood/body rust. If you're wondering why the new crossmember is so far forward, it's for clearance for the "big cap" HEI distributor I'm using.66rebel05.jpg (35219 bytes)

Remember what I said about the rear tires? Here's the "bad" side of the car. This damage was done in `74 or `75. Thanks to AMC's use of double-galvanized sheet metal, there is metal left to fix. This is the worst exterior rust on the car. Spot number 3 is behind the rear wheel. I scored a replacement door handle for $5 or $10 but have not found (nor have I looked for) the rocker trim. Tell me what you think. Should I try to find the trim of should I just take it off the other side and go smooth?
66rebel06.jpg (42815 bytes)

Here's the amazing "mystery motor". It's amazing what you can do with a little engine degreaser. Actually, the engine and transmission are in the corner of the garage (What, isn't that where you keep yours?). The blower motor is in the trunk next to the wiper arms.
66rebel07.jpg (38498 bytes)

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