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1998 Richard A. Teague Meet

This is a collection of pictures I took at the 1998 Richard A. Teague meet in Columbus, Ohio. The cars are arranged in model order.

A nice 1968 American.
amer1.jpg (13976 bytes)

Orange you glad to see a BBO 1970 AMX?

amx1.jpg (13094 bytes)

Say what you want about swapping other brands motors into AMC's, but I still go ga-ga for a hair-dried Buick bent-sixes in non-Buick's. (Translation: I think turbo charged Buick V-6's are super keen!) According to the owner, the car had a Chevy rat-motor in it when he got it.

amx2.jpg (27488 bytes)

Motor Trend's 1963 Car of the year: Rambler (in this case, a Classic).
classic1.jpg (12646 bytes)

Here's a tasety treat for ya'll, a `glass AMX funny car. It's even powered by an AMC motor.
funyamx1.jpg (14131 bytes)

funyamx2.jpg (25726 bytes)

My friend has this thing for Gremlins. The next two are pictures he took.
grem1.jpg (18843 bytes)

grem2.jpg (21861 bytes)

Here's a pro-street `68 Javelin.
jav1.jpg (15339 bytes)

A `70 Javelin.
jav2.jpg (12737 bytes)

A very cool `73(?) Javelin. This picture doesn't do it justice.
jav3.jpg (11628 bytes)

A `69 Javelin.
jav4.jpg (13023 bytes)

Another `70 Javelin.
jav5.jpg (20131 bytes)

And another `70 Javelin.
jav6.jpg (13814 bytes)

A very nice `65 Marlin.
marlin1.jpg (18949 bytes)

An equally nice `67 Marlin.
marlin2.jpg (17100 bytes)

This `67 Rogue was featured in a recent Popular Hot Rodding. VEEERRRRYYYY nice.
rouge1.jpg (15417 bytes)

rouge2.jpg (15659 bytes)

rouge3.jpg (22343 bytes)

Here's an "A" scheme SC/Rambler. One of 3 at the show.
scram1.jpg (19410 bytes)

Here's another shot of the same SC/Rambler.
scram2.jpg (16395 bytes)

Here's something you don't often see: a "B" scheme SC/Rambler.
scram3.jpg (12138 bytes)

This car is equally nice inside and out. Note the radio in the dash.
scram4.jpg (18462 bytes)

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