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2003 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour

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mamoth_cave_ky.jpg (44195 bytes)
This was taken at one of the gas stops (which were pretty frequent since the blue 1930 Model A in the background only has a 10 gallon tank) between Cincinnati, OH and Nashville, TN. This was taken near Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. I forget the name of the town but there are fiberglass dinosaurs visible from the highway so it's pretty easy to spot.

nashville_74_gremlin.jpg (52610 bytes)
Here's a mild custom 1974 Gremlin. One of just a handful of AMC vehicles. This was taken during the Nashville, TN stop.

nashville_opryland_resort.jpg (60322 bytes)
Here's a picture of one of the indoor gardens in the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.

nashville_drivers_meeting_1.jpg (29831 bytes)
Here's what Wal-Mart looks like with well over a 1,000 (mostly) hot rods in the parking lot. This was taken at the driver's meeting in Nashville. From what I understand (I wasn't at all of the driver's meetings), this was the only stop where we didn't have police assistance getting on the road. Needless to say, it took a long time to empty the parking lot (I'm told over 4 hours).

nashville_drivers_meeting_2.jpg (25262 bytes)
Here's another shot at the same driver's meeting.

nashville_jet_powered_s10.jpg (52271 bytes)
How's a jet powered S-10 sound?

nashville_jet_powered_s10_engine.jpg (59348 bytes)
Here's an under hood shot of the S-10. The jet engine is from a Bell helicopter. It makes about 250hp @ 50,000 rpm and gets 8 mpg.

nashville_tweety_thraen_1.jpg (47764 bytes)
I've always liked trikes. Even better is when you combine a trike with a late 50's/early 60's car.

nashville_tweety_thraen_2.jpg (45497 bytes)

memphis_pulling_in.jpg (32353 bytes)
Here I am pulling into the Memphis, TN stop. There was about a three mile backup when I pulled in.

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