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Hot Rod Magazine's Power Tour `98


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Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour Map

This is a preliminary schedule of Hot Rod Magazine's annual Power Tour. Information on this page is subject to change and I'll try to keep it as accurate as possible. The Official Web Site of Power Tour is Mother's site at This site should be more up to date than this one.

This year, there are actually two separate Power Tour's. Power Tour West (the one I'm going on) runs from May 7 - May 17. Power Tour East runs from October 17-25. Dash plaques will be given in the shape of each state you are with the tour in. If you go all the way from LA to Pontiac, you will also get a cool map that the plaques fit into.

To register for either tour, call 1-800-858-6381. Cost is $25 in advance and $50 if you pay when you show up.

So far, here's the schedule for Power Tour West (states colored in red):

  • May 7 - Kickoff party in L.A., California. (spot A on the map) This event is sponsored by Flowmaster. The kickoff party will be held at the Pomona Fairplex. The host hotel is the Sheridan Suites Fairplex (800-722-4055).
  • May 8 - Oasis Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada. (spot B) Ford SVO is the sponsor here. The host hotel is the Oasis (800-621-0187).
  • May 9 - Intermountain Events Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. (spot C) Presented by Federal-Mogul. The Grand Junction Hilton is hosting, they can be reached at 800-360-4066.
  • May 10 - Brandimere Dragstrip in Morrison, Colorado. (spot D) Street Master will be the sponsor of the day with plenty of heads-up and bracket racing.The Holiday Inn Denver West can be reached at 800-729-2830 for reservations.
  • May 11 - Goodland VoTech School in Goodland, Kansas. (spot E) If you want to look under the hood of some of the hottest rods (sometimes quite literally), this is the place to be. The Best West Buffalo Inn can be reached at 913-899-3621 for a place to catch 40 winks.
  • May 12 - Station Casino in Kansas City, Kansas (spot F). I'll be joining up with the Power Tour here in my Rambler American. I plan on making the rest of the trip to Pontiac. This stop is hosted by Edelbrock. Station Hotel will be hosting here (888-440-7700).
  • May 13 - Laclede's Landing in St. Louis, Mo.  (spot G) Its rumored that Steve Brueggeman will have his 1970 Rebel Machine on this leg of Power Tour. Presented by Holley. Embassy suites can be reached at 314-241-4200.
  • May 14 - Indianapolis, Indiana at the state fairgrounds. (spot H) They haven't mentioned yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they let a few cars onto a certain race track. Crane Cams is the host here. The host hotel will be the Indy Mariott. Call 317-352-1231 for reservations.
  • May 15 - Tinley Park, Illinois. (spot I) True Value Hardware is sponsoring things at the New World Music Theater. Anyone's whose anyone will be staying at the Holiday Inn (708-747-3500).
  • May 16 & 17 - Mt. Clemens, Michigan. (spot J) They will hold the Long Haul finale here. The sponsor is Auto Custom Carpets. Word has it that ACC will have two cars on the `Tour this year. No hotel information was given.


So far, here's the schedule for Power Tour East (states colored in blue):

  • October 17 - Kickoff party in Fitchburg, MA at Ft. Devens (Route 2 West at exit 37B). Sponsored by Flowmaster.
  • October 18 - Suffern, NY, at Rockland Community College (I-87/I-287, exit 11).
  • October 19 - Gaithersburg, MD, at the Montgomery Countey Agricultural Center (I-270, exit 11). Sponsored by the HOT ROD Power Club.
  • October 20 - Mooresville, NC, at Race City, USA (I-77, exit 36). Sponsored by Edelbrock
  • October 21 - Conyers, GA, at the Georgie International Horse Park (I-20, exit 42). Sponsored by Auto Custom Carpets
  • October 22 - Ocala, FL, at Don Garlits' Museum of Drag Racing (I-75 at exit 67). Sponsored by Holley.
  • October 23 (first stop) - Daytona Beach, FL, at the Klassix Auto Museum (1-95, exit 87).
  • October 23 (seond stop) - Port Canaveral, FL (off highway 528 at the east end). Sponsored by Flowmaster.
  • October 24 - St. Petersburg, FL, at the Bayfront Center. Sponsored by Fel-Pro/TCI.

If you're going to go on Power Tour West (the one in May), send me ( e-mail with your name and a picture and/or a description of your car. When I get back, I'll be posting pictures from the trip along with pictures of the people and cars I meet along the way.

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