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North Rim of the Grand Canyon

After a stop at Kanab, UT for the night (very beautiful area, BTW), it was on to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This was a pretty short drive of about 90 miles. The North Rim is in a pine forest and has an elevation of about 8,000 feet. The weather was nice -- mid 80's and a gentle breeze. This is the most peaceful place I've ever been. We were there most of the day but I could have easily stayed two weeks.

Here's the first picture I took at the Grand Canyon. This was taken from the edge of the parking lot.

There is a trail that runs along the edge of the canyon. This is a good preview of views to come.

Still walking along the canyon rim. There were a good number of people around but in a way that was nice because it gave me a chance to take things in while waiting for others to drink their fill of the views.

I mentioned previously that there were forest fires in Arizona and New Mexico during our trip. This made the views hazy but added sort of a primeval feel to the canyon.

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