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Denver to Arizona on I-70

These next pictures were taken on the drive between Denver and Arizona. This was the longest leg of the trip at about 700 miles in one day but also the most beautiful stretch of road I've every been on. A number of these pictures were taken by Mike Wood since we switched off driving every few hours on this leg of the trip.

Not too many pictures were taken before the Eisenhower Tunnel but this one is pretty typical of the views leading up to it.

Here's the west bound entrance to the Eisenhower Tunnel. Tunnel elevation is 11,013 feet, making it the highest in the world. I had no problem towing the car but I did notice power dropped off around 10,000 feet. Also, my Ram has a Hemi and I got about 9 MPG leading up to the tunnel and got about 13 MPG on the other side.

This tunnel is about 1.7 miles long so we got to see this for a long time:

The drive through the Rockies was pretty good expect for this idiot in a Rambler following close on our tail.

Here we are after the tunnel. Once you cross the Rockies, the scenery changes quite a bit. It changes from low scrubby trees to pine forests. I-70 runs through Vail (we were east of Vail when this was taken).

Here's a dog hanging out in the back of a truck. Its seen here laying down but it was walking all over the bed and on the tool box and even had it's head up above the roof for a few minutes.

Some of my favorite views were found in the turn offs and rest stops that are all over the place. This one was at a creek that fed into the Colorado river.

By the way, you can also toss a tube in the river and end up seeing the Grand Canyon eventually but that's not recommended since the Colorado is a very fast and rough river (it falls over two miles in elevation!).

Here's the creek.

This is the view leaving the rest stop.


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