Ninth Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

May 16, 2002

(Please read carefully...a lot of information has been added and/or updated.)

We're getting a little nervous as we approach the Southwest AMC Regional, because there are still a number of parts that have not yet arrived. I received very little correspondence about the project last week. We did get a lot accomplished on Tuesday, the third 'Official Alamo AMC Charity AMX Thrash Night', and the car is now being transported to the exhaust shop. Here is the latest update on parts and productivity:


  • The complete fuel system and brake system is now installed an in good working order. Brian Schneider completed the final hookup to the carburetor and filled the gas tank on Monday.
  • Last night we accomplished most of the 'detail' work in preparation for the trip to the exhaust shop. I bolted the dash board back together and finished cleaning the window tracks in preparation to install the door glass. I also attempted to bolt in the driver's seat, only to discover that the driver's seat has no track on the bottom! I was able to bolt the front of the seat to the floorboard so we could drive the car, but now we need an adjustable bucket seat rack for a '70 bucket.
  • We have also not been able to get any of the dashboard lights/gauges to work electrically...we must have a ground missing or something but so far the solution has eluded us.
  • Mike Strawbridge and I rebuilt the clutch mechanism using a sleeved pivot. This required over-drilling the hole in the 'Z-bar' and installing the sleeved pivot on the adjustable rod. This worked VERY well and we now have a nice, smooth clutch that ought to last a lot longer than the original set-up.
  • I installed all the wheels back on the car and popped on Tom Benvie's NOS trim rings. The wheels look great!
  • I also cleaned out the trunk of the car and organized all the remaining parts in preparation for delivery to Kenosha. We will probably hang the front door panels in order to protect the glass once it is installed.
  • Andre Jacobs is a supplier for leaf springs, and is in the process of getting us an 'at cost' price. We are anticipating approximately $200. WE NEED A SPONSOR FOR THIS PURCHASE!
  • We still have an outstanding bill for the new fuel pump and master cylinder. If someone would like to contribute these parts for the project (and receive full credit as a donor) the total for these items is $46.58. If no one comes forward we will have to take this out of the project bankroll.
  • The car is running rough. This will be explored in further detail once the exhaust is installed, but we believe the carburetor is going to need a rebuild. We should know more about this next week. The car is now being trailered to an exhaust shop, and the front-end alignment will be next.


  • Bob Antonelli of California ( has contributed a pair of horns from a '70 Ambassador. The parts arrived safe and sound late last week. Thanks, Bob!
  • Jeff Reeves ( and Jeff Barfield ( have contributed a new reproduction 'Ram Air' under-hood pad (from Kennedy American) which arrived yesterday. Thanks, Jeffs!


  • No word yet from anyone in Houston about the bumpers and taillights. Eddie Stakes of Planet Houston AMX ( has sent us two taillight housings and one taillight lens. The housings are nice, but one is the 'bolt on style' and one is the 'stud style'. We will sort this out once we see what George Graham ( is able to come up with. We still need a center section and a left and center lens regardless. Kevin Dalley ( and the Houston boys are also still working to get the bumpers and other chrome pieces redone. I hope we can get the bumpers, grille, and taillight sections before the Southwest AMC Regional so we will have time to install them.
  • Got a very nice letter from Walt Garson ( Walt is a master of 'plastic restoration', and he has been diligently working on our grille (the headlight doors are already done!) and should have it finished in the next week or two. Walt sent me some pictures of his work, and the finished parts look like NOS!! We'll give everyone a full report on the parts once Walt has a chance to work his miracles!
  • Tom Benvie ( has confirmed receipt of the '70 AMX engine decal kit from Larry Mitchell of AMCWC, and is supposed to send the kit to us. Tom also provided some information about the 'underhood seal kit'.
  • We are still waiting for a rear valence panel from Mike Hathaway (
  • We are also waiting for a horn contact kit from Glen Hoag ( Tom Benvie is supposed to contribute a three-spoke 'rally' steering wheel, which may replace the current two-spoke wheel before the car leaves San Antonio.
  • Unfortunately, we received word from Ron Akerman ( that he is no longer with the body shop in Indianapolis. That means we are essentially back to 'square one' on body work. This car is going to be delivered to Kenosha and prominently displayed,'s time to start rallying some enthusiasm in the Midwest so we will know where the car is going to go from there. I would like to have a 'ceremony' of sorts to transfer the keys to the next organization, so let's try and get all this organized BEFORE the show! I can't stress this enough...I beg anyone in the Wisconsin or Illinois area reading this to help us find the next 'sponsor' for the project to avoid confusion in Kenosha!


  • Air Cleaner canister parts. At this point, I think we're going to settle for a '70 canister and top, and leave the 'heat riser' situation up to somebody else. If you have ANY '70 V8, we need a air cleaner canister! Tom Benvie has a complete '68-69 'Ram Air' canister that he has offered to trade with someone who could provide the '70 style setup. Help!!
    (4.015-1) 3191898 - DUCT, Carburetor Air ('68-70 V8 w/4-bbl)
    (4.015-3) 3192223 - DUCT, Exhaust Manifold Hot Air ('68-70 exc. 390)
    (4.088) 3198376 - CLEANER, Carburetor Air ('70 360 V8 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-16) 3198374 - DOOR, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-17) 3198375 - RETAINER, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct Door ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-18) 3198370 - CONTROL, Hood Air Scoop Damper ('70 w/'cold air induction')
  • Rear Leaf Springs. South Texas AMC can order these springs, but we need a sponsor! (See above.)
  • Tom Benvie has confirmed that only clear lenses are 'correct' for the front directional signal lamps. I will include a set of amber lenses with the car, but we still need to find the correct ones. Help!
  • Metal radio pod and radio. I did not get any information that would help me identify Susan Hammond's radios, but Tom Benvie writes the following: "I have a 70 AM radio with faceplate that doesn't work and a 69 AM that does work. Would have to change the metal housings. Anyone want the project? (Not that big a deal) Also have a 70 AM 8 Track with correct faceplate (68/9 is different). I also have a 70 demo 8 track, but I do not have the rear speakers, grills or wires. This is an in-dash unit, not the floor unit used on the Rebels and Ambos. Anyone have the rear stuff?" Perhaps Tom can let Susan ( know the part number for the '70 AM unit so she can attempt to match it up!
  • Driver's Seat 'Track'. (See above.)
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to address the wheel situation.

The Charity AMX has it’s own Internet website hosted by Matt Haas:

The National Project Coordinator is Frank Swygert (

The San Antonio contact for the car is me:

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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