Fifth Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

March 29, 2002

Work has been progressing rapidly on the Charity AMX project. Over the past week, several more steps have been accomplished


  • I have been blocking and sanding the 'new' driver's door in order to prime it so it will look presentable in Kenosha. Alamo AMC (and AMC of Houston) Brian Tolley has picked up and transported the two bumpers, the associated bumper brackets and support, the chrome strips from the rear quarter windows, the hood scoop chrome surrounds, and the taillight assemblies to Houston. Kevin Dalley ( is going to have the bumpers straightened and rechromed, and have the shop look at the other parts. George Graham ( is going to see about replacing the taillight assemblies with something more presentable. Eddie Stakes ( has also offered us a nice set of lenses, depending on what George and Kevin come up with. Eddie also has the armrest plugs (I think they are supposed to have woodgrain overlays, though) and a front 'chin spoiler'.
  • I installed a driveshaft in the car and also replaced the 'clutch linkage pivot' as provided by Auto Exotica. There is still a good deal of play in the clutch linkage (the hole through the 'Z'-bar is worn) but it's much better than the original part. We're going to keep our eyes open for an 'over-sized' clutch pivot block.
  • The 'gas tank' issue has taken a turn for the worse. The area around the 'pinholes' is VERY thin...rust seems to have taken it's toll on this tank. Unless Mike Hathaway ( is able to pull a better tank out of the junkyard '70 Javelin, at this point our best alternative is to try and ship it to Mark Price ( in order to have it prepped and resealed.
  • I had always assumed that the 'restoration of the brake system' (as stated on the Charity AMX Website as having been completed in the early phases of the project), had already been done. Since the car is so close to being driveable, we started checking the brakes system and immediately noted that the pedal is very low. It turns out that only the front brakes have been done (coverted to discs). The rear brakes are rusted to oblivion and completely seized up. The only thing salvageable is the brake backing plates...even the lines are shot. As a result, we're going to be looking to replace the entire rear brake system.


  • Gary Nielsen ( has sent us a pair of reproduction sill plates (thanks, Gary!) These will be packed in the car and ready for whatever club wants to tackle the interior completion.
  • Andre Jacobs of South Texas AMC ( has contributed a black '70 steering wheel! It is not a 'Rim-Blow' style and has a Javelin (rather than AMX) horn bar, but it looks MUCH better than the aftermarket wheel that was in the car. This steering wheel will probably do just fine unless a real '70 Rim-Blow wheel would (miraculously) come available. A.J. also gave us a fender support rod (one was missing) and PCV hose.


  • Joe Roberts ( is going to send an 'Under Hood Seal Kit'. In addition, Joe has offered us a reproduction grill emblem and a pair of 'screw in' hood stops as well! We may also want to go ahead and get the 'simulated exhaust' rocker moldings from Joe in case the Trendsetter thing doesn't work out. We are planning to go ahead with the installation of a stock dual-exhaust system at this point so the car can be driven in Kenosha.
  • Matt Haas ( has already ordered a new fuel tank sending unit, gasket and strainer.
  • In addition to checking on the other gas tank, Mike Hathaway is going to send us a rear 'valence panel' that goes under the back bumper...I just noted that it was missing.
  • We are still awaiting word from Ron Akerman ( as to whether the rear quarter panel can be installed in San Antonio. Ron himself works in the Indianapolis area, so the car may be headed that way after Kenosha if Ron can finish the remaining body work!


  • Directional light lenses for the grille. We now have a beautiful set of housings...all we need are the lenses. I have a set from a Jeep Commando...are they the same?
  • Black passenger door armrest (Do these need the woodgrain overlay?)
  • Metal radio pad. I just noticed that the unit on the car has been 'cut' in order to accept a larger radio. Does anyone have a nice original '70 radio pod...and maybe even a correct AM radio to fit it?
  • Air Cleaner canister parts. As far as I know, we still need
    (4.015-1) 3191898 - DUCT, Carburetor Air ('68-70 V8 w/4-bbl)
    (4.015-3) 3192223 - DUCT, Exhaust Manifold Hot Air ('68-70 exc. 390)
    (4.088) 3198376 - CLEANER, Carburetor Air ('70 360 V8 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-16) 3198374 - DOOR, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-17) 3198375 - RETAINER, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct Door ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-18) 3198370 - CONTROL, Hood Air Scoop Damper ('70 w/'cold air induction')
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to finish the wheels. We test fit one of the wheels Tom Benvie sent, and it appears to be correct. We may dismount the tires one more time to try and get a matching set of four.
  • Rear Leaf Springs. Just started looking at this the other night...the rear springs are rather tired and should be replaced. They are rusted to the point where I would not attempt to 're-arc' them. Anyone have a good used set? Can someone find a source and price for new?

The Charity AMX has it’s own Internet website hosted by Matt Haas

The San Antonio contact for the car is me

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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