Fourth Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

March 22, 2002

MAJOR NEWS -- It's alive!!

At approximately 7:15 PM CST on Tuesday, March 19th, the Charity AMX roared to life for the first time. The engine started via the ignition key, and idled for about five minutes. Everything seems to be working noticeable leaks, misses, or any other such maladies. The Georgia boys knew what they were doing!

Other work completed last night included the re-installation of the freshly painted fan, fender support rods, and battery tray; re-wiring of the front end and reinstallation of the headlights; installation of the new coil and horn relay, and miscellaneous other engine bay-related tasks. I also received the gas tank, which is not nearly as bad as I had been led to believe...there is only a pinhole near the filler neck. We are going to pursue having it resealed, and I will let you all know if we need your assistance on that.

We have also decided to go forward with the installation of a stock exhaust system. This will this allow the car to be driven while in Kenosha. If a subsequent club wishes to install the Trendsetter sidepipes, this can be changed at that time.


  • Since the gas tank is savable, we probably won't need Mike Hathaway ( to try and pull the '70 Javelin junkyard tank...especially considering the snow!
  • Joe Roberts ( is going to send an 'Under Hood Seal Kit'. We may also want to go ahead and get the 'simulated exhaust' rocker moldings in case the Trendsetter thing doesn't work out.
  • Gary Nielsen ( is sending us two reproduction sill plates.
  • Matt Haas ( is going to send a fuel tank sending unit gasket and strainer. Matt also informed me that Walt Garson ( does grille restoration. Has anyone worked with
    him before?
  • No work from Kevin Dalley yet, but we are making arrangements to get the bumpers over to Houston for rechroming.
  • And last, but not least, Ron Akerman ( has resurfaced, and may be able to get our quarter panel hung here in San Antonio!! Ron himself works in the Indianapolis area, so the car may be headed that way after Kenosha if Ron can finish the remaining body work!


  • Correct Steering Wheel. We need a good, black steering wheel for a ’70 AMX. Tom Benvie has offered the AMX ‘center horn bar’ if a non-AMX steering wheel can be donated.
  • Directional light lenses for the grille. We now have a beautiful set of housings...all we need are the lenses.
  • ‘AMX’ nameplate for the grille.
  • Black passenger door armrest (Do these need the wood grain overlay?)
  • Taillight Assemblies. We have the complete set, but they are MASSIVELY pitted and nasty. Kevin Dalley and George Graham ( of the Houston club have offered a ‘decent’ set in exchange for the nasty set. However, if we want a ‘good’ set (i.e. restored with no pits) we should pursue having the existing units redone. The lenses are dark and clouded (from age) and I noticed yesterday that one is partially melted.
  • Fuel Tank Sending Unit. Does anyone know of reproduction units, just in case we need it?
  • Air Cleaner canister parts. As far as I know, we still need:
    (4.015-1) 3191898 - DUCT, Carburetor Air ('68-70 V8 w/4-bbl)
    (4.015-3) 3192223 - DUCT, Exhaust Manifold Hot Air ('68-70 exc. 390)
    (4.088) 3198376 - CLEANER, Carburetor Air ('70 360 V8 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-16) 3198374 - DOOR, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-17) 3198375 - RETAINER, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct Door ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-18) 3198370 - CONTROL, Hood Air Scoop Damper ('70 w/'cold air induction')
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to finish the wheels. Another Alamo AMC club member has some more 'Magnum 500' wheels...we may yet get a matching set pieced together!
  • Seal, fuel tank sending unit to gas tank. I would buy a couple of these for myself if someone has a source!
  • Rear Leaf Springs. Just started looking at this the other night...the rear springs are rather tired and should be replaced.
  • Hood 'bumpers'...not the rubbers stoppers, the adjustable 'screw in' bumpers. These were rusted to oblivion!

The Charity AMX has it’s own Internet website hosted by Matt Haas:

The San Antonio contact for the car is me:

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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