Third Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

March 17, 2002

This week, the ‘new’ fan, fender strut rods, and battery tray were prepped and painted by yours truly [Alfred Koos]. The parts all look fantastic! I also started restoration work on the electric wiper motor and we picked up the horn relay, which had been on order. We also were able to reconfigure the heater valve that Tom provided so that it would fit properly. Emergency work on a club member’s Eagle somewhat interrupted the progress, but we’re hoping to put in some extra time this coming week to try and finish out the engine bay.

PARTS RECEIVED/DONATED: (Since the last project update)

  • From Tom Benvie, we have received two NOS directional housings and the ram air ‘Y-pipe’ and circular foam housing that fits into the hood.
  • Dan Whitehead ( has contributed the long needed driver’s door glass! The package arrived Thursday in great condition, although I haven’t opened it yet.


  • Mike Hathaway ( wrote: "There is a 70 Javelin sitting in a bone yard here locally...the gas tank is still there." Did you get back there to check it out, Mike? I’m still waiting to get our tank back for inspection, but a ‘backup’ tank would be great!
  • Michael Bursaw ( writes: "I have spoken with the local club here, and our club (Mid-America AMC) and my company we would be willing to donate a set of the [Trendsetter] rails, shields, endcaps and bent pipes to the Charity AMX. The only things left to complete the kit would be a set of mufflers and a pair of chrome tips. Please let me know if you are interested in this. Thanks for taking time to respond." Very generous of you, Michael! (The only downside is that the car will now have to go to Kenosha sans exhaust system, since I’m sure it will need to be painted before these pipes can be installed!)
  • Joe Roberts ( wrote: "I have a pair of ‘70 rocker moldings. They need someone to straighten and polish them as they are dented. I [also] have a jack w/2-piece handle and an inflation can that only need to be detailed and the correct label applied." It sounds like the Trendsetter-style exhaust is going to be used, so I guess we won’t need the rocker moldings. We do need that jack and inflation can though, Joe!
  • Tom Benvie wrote: "Joe Roberts does an awesome seal kit and he will send a set (plus other stuff he said he would donate)." I’m assuming this is for the door and windows seals.
  • Kevin Dalley ( wrote: "I also have a right bumper scoop."


  • Mark Price ( wrote: "If a good tank is not found. I can investigate having the one in it redone. There is a shop in Greensburg,Pa that does seals and refinishes tanks. I think the cost was around $200. I can try to see if we can get a discount or freebee if nothing else turns up in the way of a tank." On the same subject, Cliff Danley ( wrote: "One of our members operates a company called ‘Classic Restorations’ and sells POR-15 products. They have a gas tank sealer kit, which he [has offered] to donate." I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on the existing tank to see how bad it is (one of our clubmembers was taking care of this). As soon as I get the tank and see how bad it is I will let Mark, Cliff, and the rest of you know which way we’re going to proceed.
  • Randy Tate ( wrote: "Are you going to try to clean the gas tank sending unit? I cleaned mine in an ultrasonic water bath that I have access to at work. Works within factory specs now. I would be willing to try on that one." I haven’t yet tried this, but we’ll have to address it soon. It looks like it’s mostly ‘varnished’ rather than rusted, but I haven’t messed with it yet. I do know the round seal is wasted...anyone have a source for those?
  • Kevin Dalley ( writes: "I have a relationship with a bumper company here in Houston--they owe me a favor for a roof job I helped them with and I can get the bumpers rechromed at no cost." Sounds like we may just send ‘em over to Houston for this work! Drop me a line, Kevin.


  • Correct Steering Wheel. We need a good, black steering wheel for a ’70 AMX. Tom Benvie has offered the AMX ‘center horn bar’ if a non-AMX steering wheel can be donated.
  • Directional light lenses for the grille. We now have a beautiful set of housings...all we need are the lenses.
  • ‘AMX’ nameplate for the grille.
  • Black passenger door armrest (Do these need the woodgrain overlay?)
  • Taillight Assemblies. We have the complete set, but they are MASSIVELY pitted and nasty. Kevin Dalley and George Graham ( of the Houston club have offered a ‘decent’ set in exchange for the nasty set. However, if we want a ‘good’ set (i.e. restored with no pits) we should pursue having the existing units redone. The lenses are dark and clouded (from age) and I noticed yesterday that one is partially melted.
  • Fuel Tank Sending Unit. I may be able to salvage this, but it is nasty. It may be easier to get a new/reproduction one from one of the vendors.
  • Air Cleaner canister parts. We need the canister that sits on the carburetor plus the flapper door, vacuum solenoid/bracket, and rear tab.
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to finish the wheels.
  • Seal, fuel tank sending unit to gas tank. I would buy a couple of these for myself if someone has a source!Rear Leaf Springs. Just started looking at this the other night...the rear springs are rather tired and should be replaced.
  • Sill plates. We have them, but they are pretty corroded. Isn’t someone reproducing these?

(DISCLAIMER: Undoubtedly there are more parts that will be needed. I cannot possibly anticipate everything that will be required to finish this car. The parts discussed above are those that I have made note of, and should be considered ‘priority’ parts at this time.)


  • Body work/rear quarters.
  • Body work/floorboards and rockers.
  • Body work/core support
  • Paint
  • Interior. We have two good bucket seats, but the upholstery is different. There is only one seat back.
  • Chrome trim/taillights, etc. refinished. The chrome surrounds for the Ram Air hood need to have the pins replaced and be rechromed as well.
  • Grille restored. The grille Tom provided is complete but needs some minor gluing/reworking. Tom has also provided a chunk of another grille for ‘parts’. I know someone out there is an expert at this!
  • Wheels.
  • Striping. Are we going to put a ‘C’-stripe on the car?


  • Electric wiper wiring. Andre Jacobs showed me how this works...we have the necessary wiring!
  • Door tag. Tom Benvie has the original door tag, which will be reunited with the car.


  • Craig Caudle (ccamx73@airmail) of Dallas wrote: "As for the car getting to Wisconsin, I may have a way to get it there this summer from Texas.  I'll discuss that with Fred Koos." Drop me a line, Craig!
  • Dan Whitehead has also made an offer: "If Fred doesn't get any offers from the clubs here in Southern Wisconsin, I will be open to take the car. I know the car will be up here in July for the show. If at that one has offered to take the car, contact me and I will store, work on, and try to get clubs together to get this finished."
  • We also heard from ‘AMXJTaber’ ( who wrote: "[I am] building a ‘70 AMX race car [and] have many extra items. Maybe we could trade...also we [are] willing to do some work on the car. We have twelve ‘68 to 70 cars in our loose 'club'." Another great offer! Still waiting to hear back from ‘J’...

The Charity AMX has it’s own Internet website hosted by Matt Haas:

The San Antonio contact for the car is me:

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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