Tenth Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

May 27, 2002

(Please read carefully...a lot of information has been added and/or updated.)

Sorry I'm a little late with this this week...it's been one of those weeks! The fourth 'Official Alamo AMC Charity AMX Thrash Night' was a bust as I couldn't get ANY help working on the car, but I did accomplish a few significant things on my own. PLUS, this week has seen an abundance of new parts and new donations! We've only got two more weeks until the Southwest Regional, so if you have any parts out there...we need 'em!


  • The car is running and driving! We have finally accomplished our original goal...a running and driving car! Last Wednesday, Brett Schneider delivered the car to a local exhaust shop, who did the job at the discounted rate of $135. Alamo AMC's own Ron Story has already agreed to pick up the tab for the exhaust, so we are good to go! The dual exhaust looks stock and sounds great--growly but not loud--thanks to the 'Turbo' mufflers donated by Eddie Stakes (http://www.planethoustonamx.com). Brett Schneider took a brief 'test drive' to make sure the brakes, steering, fuel system, shift linkage, and clutch was working properly, and all seems to be in order. Hopefully we will be able to get a front-end alignment by next week in order for the car to be truly 'streetable'.
  • In an act of amazing generosity, Ray Summit (nipper@ccrtc.com), a Lister out of Indiana, has come forward and purchased a pair of new rear leaf springs for the car! I was not expecting this since we've had so much trouble getting people involved lately, but Andre Jacobs (akjamc@juno.com) was able to obtain the springs 'at cost' and Ray agreed to pick up the entire tab! The springs have already arrived, and I'm probably going to install them next Tuesday.
  • On Tuesday I installed the horns that were provided by Bob Antonelli (bobsamc@prodigy.net). Unfortunately, the bracket for the Ambassador is opposite of the way the Javelin/AMX horns install, so I had to 'rig' them a little bit. Hopefully they will not show, and perhaps someone down the line can swap them or relocate the brackets. I couldn't test the horn because we don't have the horn contact kit yet.
  • I also glued in the passenger side glass on Tuesday night. The glass (which came with the car) has some scratches, but went in very smoothly. I returned to the shop on Wednesday afternoon to make sure the passenger side was okay, then glued in the driver's side glass. The glass provided by Dan Whitehead (freebird_58@hotmail.com) is in PRISTINE condition. Obviously Dan put in a lot of time cleaning the glass and wrapping it extra well for shipping (thanks, Dan!) The driver's glass was installed, set, and left to dry. I will probably check it on Sunday.
  • We still have also not been able to get any of the dashboard lights/gauges to work electrically, but the 'Alt' light does come on when starting the car. I don't know if it's a switch or what.
  • I finally sold the NOS Blower Fan motor, which was originally contributed by Steven Booth (amcparts@yahoo.com). I got $20.50 for it on eBay. This money will be designated for the replacement Master Cylinder, which will now be added to the list of contributors in Steven's name.
  • We have an outstanding bills for the new fuel pump ($25.99) and the side window glue ($10). Anyone who would like to contribute these parts for the project (and receive full credit as a donor) should contact me. If no one comes forward we will take this out of the Frank Swygert project bankroll.
  • No word yet on whether a carb rebuild will be necessary.


  • New exhaust system, contributed by Ron Story (see above). Thanks, Ron!
  • Leaf Springs, contributed by Ray Summit (see above). Thanks, Ray!
  • Rear valence panel, also from Ray Summit. Both Ray and Mike Hathaway agreed to send the panel, so I will probably sell the 'extra' panel and add the proceeds to the project fund.


  • I've been talking with George Graham (george.graham@ps.ge.com) and Kevin Dalley (AMXAMC@aol.com) of AMC of Houston about the taillight housings and bumpers. Kevin reports that the bumpers are 'done' (straightened and rechromed) but I haven't heard about the bumper brackets. George and Kevin are also working to get the 'taillight' housing situation resolved. Hopefully, we will get these items in time for the Southwest Regional...we can't drive the car without taillights, guys! We're hoping that Brian Tolley might be able to transport the parts back to San Antonio before the show so we will have time to get them installed.
  • Walt Garson (Bigwaltsshop@aol.com) was going to try and have the grille done by the end of the month, so we are hoping we get that back before the show as well. We'll give everyone a full report on the parts once Walt has a chance to work his miracles!
  • Tom Benvie (tbenvie@attbi.com) has confirmed receipt of the '70 AMX engine decal kit from Larry Mitchell of AMCWC, and is supposed to send the kit to us. (We'd like to install it before Kenosha!) Tom also provided some information about the 'underhood seal kit'.
  • We are still expecting a rear valence panel from Mike Hathaway (mhathaway@tacomaclick.net). I will use the best of the two panels and sell or trade the other for more project funds.
  • We are also waiting for a horn contact kit from Glen Hoag (hoag@ro.com). Tom Benvie is supposed to contribute a three-spoke 'rally' steering wheel, which may replace the current two-spoke wheel before the car leaves San Antonio.

PARTS STILL NEEDED (newest first):

  • Shift knob/handle. There is no shifter handle for the Hurst shifter. I have a '70-72 Hornet shift knob that I'm going to try, but would like to install the 'proper' part. Anybody?
  • Grille Supports. Just realized that I haven't found any of the grille supports that mount along the top edge of the grille and connect to the radiator core support. Anyone have a set?
  • Side mirror 'ring'. A relatively small item, but I can't find the retainer ring for the remote-controlled driver's side mirror 'joystick'. Anyone have one of these lying around?
  • Windshield Wiper hardware. We need the little chrome collars and nuts that attach the windshield wiper mechanism to the cowl panel. Ours are very pitted and nasty.
  • Jack 'hardware'. We need the bolt, wing nut, and any other brackets, etc. to bolt the jack, collapsible spare, and air bottle to the trunk.
  • Driver's side seat track. We recently discovered that the driver's seat has no track on the bottom. I had to bolt it directly to the floor in order to drive the car. Andre Jacobs does not have any in stock...apparently these rust and he has sold a lot of them. Can ANYBODY help us out with this?
  • Tom Benvie has confirmed that only clear lenses are 'correct' for the front directional signal lamps. I will include a set of amber lenses with the car, but we still need to find the correct ones. Help!
  • Metal radio pod and radio. I did not get any information that would help me identify Susan Hammond's radios, but Tom Benvie writes the following: "I have a 70 AM radio with faceplate that doesn't work and a 69 AM that does work. Would have to change the metal housings. Anyone want the project? (Not that big a deal) Also have a 70 AM 8 Track with correct faceplate (68/9 is different). I also have a 70 demo 8 track, but I do not have the rear speakers, grills or wires. This is an in-dash unit, not the floor unit used on the Rebels and Ambos. Anyone have the rear stuff?" I thought maybe Tom could let Susan (paradox_amc@hotmail.com) know the part number for the '70 AM unit, but we're running out of time and I'm going to try and get this myself.
  • One '70 AMX 'simulated exhaust' rocker panel molding.
  • Air Cleaner canister parts. At this point, I think we're going to settle for a '70 canister and top, and leave the 'heat riser' situation up to somebody else. If you have ANY '70 V8, we need a air cleaner canister! Tom Benvie has a complete '68-69 'Ram Air' canister that he has offered to trade with someone who could provide the '70 style setup. Help!!
    (4.015-1) 3191898 - DUCT, Carburetor Air ('68-70 V8 w/4-bbl)
    (4.015-3) 3192223 - DUCT, Exhaust Manifold Hot Air ('68-70 exc. 390)
    (4.088) 3198376 - CLEANER, Carburetor Air ('70 360 V8 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-16) 3198374 - DOOR, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-17) 3198375 - RETAINER, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct Door ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-18) 3198370 - CONTROL, Hood Air Scoop Damper ('70 w/'cold air induction')
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to address the wheel situation.

MESSAGE FOR YOU, SIR...at this point, we are going to transport this car to Kenosha and leave it in it's 'prominent place' on the Kenosha showfield. As far as I know, the car will sit there for a few days until the City impounds it and sells it to the scrap auction, unless we get YOUR help! WE NEED SOMEONE IN THE MIDWEST TO TAKE THE CAR! Let's not leave this to fate. Should we mount a letter writing campaign to local chapters in the Midwest? Should we start making phone calls? Should we approach NAMDRA, AMO, AMCWC, et al and ask for some leads? SOMETHING needs to be done and it needs to be done fast. I think everyone is going to be impressed at how far the car has come since we received it last July, but we can't just let this project die there! Let's finish it!

The Charity AMX has it’s own Internet website hosted by Matt Haas:

The National Project Coordinator is Frank Swygert (farna@att.net).

The San Antonio contact for the car is me:

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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