First Report of Work Done - San Antonio, Texas Stop

August 25, 2001

The Charity AMX was delivered to San Antonio on August 7, 2001 by Brian Tolley of Alamo AMC (and AMC of Houston). The car is currently housed at the indoor shop of Schneider Brothers Racing, where I am renting space.

On August 17th I emptied the car of all it's contents, and spread them out on the floor and photographed them. I also took a complete inventory of the car and parts:

1 1970 AMX w/360 Engine Getting there! Lots of work!
2 AMX Nameplate and 'Circles' Used Original/Good 1 'circle' missing
1 Antenna Mast Kit New Reproduction
2 'A'-pillar Moldings, Interior, Black Used Original/Very good
1 Bag of Misc. Seat and lock hardware Used Original
1 Battery (Champion 36 month) New Replacement
1 Battery Tray and Bracket Restored Original
1 Box of Misc. Bolts (Engine Compartment?) Used Original
1 Can of Green Paint (Small amount left) Replacement
1 Carpet Set (Front and Back, Black) New Reproduction/Excellent
4 Center Caps for Road Wheels (w/brackets) Used Original/Fair Clean? Replace?
4 Chrome Strips, Rear Window Surround Used Original/Very good Cleaning
5 Chrome Strips, Windshield Surround Used Original/Very good Cleaning
1 Clutch Linkage Used Original Refinish
1 Coil Bracket New Replacement/Used
1 Coil, Ignition New Replacement
1 Collapsible Mini Spare Tire and Rim Unused Original/Very good
2 Door Arm Rests, Black Used Original/Very good Passenger side is broken
1 Door Glass, Right side, clear Used Original Installation
2 Door Panels, Interior (w/grab handles) Used Original/Fair Reworking of panel boards
2 Door Threshold Scuff Moldings Used Original/Good Cleaning
1 Door Trim Molding (Passenger Side?) Used Original/Good Driver's Side is '71-74
1 Driver's Side Door (Replacement) Used Original/Good
1 Driveshaft Restored Original Needs U-Joints
1 Engine Compartment Detailing Kit (clips, screws) New Reproduction
2 Front Bucket Seats (non matching) Used Original Replace/Reupholster?
1 Front Bumper w/brackets Used Original/Poor Straighten & Rechrome
2 Front Directional Lamp Units Used Original/Good Cleaning
2 Headlight buckets and bulbs Used Original/Very good Cleaning
2 Headlight doors (2) Used Original/Good Clean up; replace chrome?
1 Headliner New Reproduction? Fair
1 Hood Seal (rubber) New Reproduction
1 Horn Relay Used Original/Fair Refinish? Replace?
2 Interior Kick Panels/Wing Vents Replacement?/Excellent
2 Interior Rear Quarter Filler Panels Reproduction/Very good Cleaning
1 License Plate Bracket (Rear) Used Original Clean
1 License Plate Light Used Original/Fair Replace?
1 LR Quarter Patch Panel New Reproduction
1 Mirror, Driver's Side Door (remote control) Used Original/Very good Needs Paint
1 Mirror, Passenger Side Door (non-remote) Used Original/Very good Needs Paint
1 Misc. Engine Belt New Replacement
1 Plastic Shifter Base Used Original/Cracked Repair? Replace?
1 Radiator Finish Panel Restored Original/Very good
2 Ram-Air Inserts and Chrome Surrounds Used Original Chrome has broken pins
1 Rear Back-up Light Housing Used Original/Poor Replace? Very pitted
1 Rear 'bulkhead' panel New Reproduction?
1 Rear Bumper w/brackets Used Original/Poor Straighten & Rechrome
2 Rear Quarter Interior Finish Molding Used Original/Fair Replace (both cracked)
2 Rear Quarter Window Trim Molding Used Original/Poor Replace
2 Rear Tail Lamp Housings Used Original/Poor Replace? Very pitted, lens cloudy
2 Rear Wheel Carpet 'Humps' New Reproduction?
2 Rear Window Finish Moldings (Metal) Used Original, Very Good Repaint?
4 Road Wheels Restored Original Installation
1 Rocker Panel Molding, Simulated Exhaust Used Original/Very good Cleaning
1 Rubber Seal, Door Glass Used Original Need replacements
4 Seatbelts, Front Seats Used Original/Fair Cleaning
4 Side Marker Lamps (Amber) Used Original/Good Refinish Chrome
2 Side Marker Lamps (Red) Used Original/Good Refinish Chrome
1 Sign, 'Charity AMX' Used Original/Poor Replace
4 Tires (205-70R14) (2 pairs) Used Replacement/Very good Installation
1 Trunk lock cylinder Used Original/Very good Clean
2 U-joint U-bolts New in package Use?
1 Vacuum Wiper Motor and Linkage Restored Original/Fair Refinish?
1 Voltage Regulator Used Replacement/Poor Replace
5 Windlace/Interior Door Surround Moldings Used Original/Very good 1 piece missing
2 Window Crank Handles Used Original/Good

Obviously, there are still a lot of parts that need to be acquired/obtained/restored. I'd also like to possibly plot out the cars next destination if possible, since it is getting to the point where the various clubs should start making plans for their contribution. Here is a list of the tasks that will still need to be done:

Alamo AMC will provide:

  • Getting new engine running and properly broken in
  • Repair cooling system
  • Purchase U-joints and install driveshaft
  • Redo brakes
  • Complete clutch linkage
  • Clean out fuel system
  • Mounting and balancing of rally wheels and tires

Our goal is to provide the next club with a running, driving car.

The subsequent clubs should plan to take on one or more of the following tasks:

  • Installation of rear quarter patch panel and completion of rear quarter body work
  • Undercarriage cleaning/undercoating
  • Alignment of doors, front fenders, hood
  • Full paint job
  • Installation/resealing of all glass
  • Completion of interior; installation
  • Completion of Ram-Air setup
  • Chroming/replacement/installation of bumpers
  • Chroming/replacement/installation of taillight assemblies
  • Installation of lights and grille assembly
  • Striping and trim work (if applicable)

Alfred Koos
Alamo AMC
San Antonio, TX


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