Sixth Report of Work Done - Racine, Wisconsin Stop

November 18, 2005

I stopped in at Zion Autobody last Tuesday [11-08-2005] to check on the Charity AMX. To my surprise the car was very close to being ready for primer. I will send pictures over to Matt so you may all see it's progress update.

The doors have been removed for final blocking and sanding as well as the front corners of the hood. Steve was going to stay late on Tuesday night and try to get it ready for final primer.

This morning (11-16-2005) Steve gave me a call and said the car is in primer as of last night. He said it looked great in wet primer while it was in the booth. He is going to re-install the front and back glass tonight and it will be ready for painting. Steve did mention it would be a while before he could get paint on it. He asked if anyone may want to do the interior or other mechanical work on it prior to painting to keep the new paint from being damaged. I have the seats which were shipped to me from Adam in California with the help of another list member and a member of NAMDRA who picked up the tab for the freight.

Now for what is needed for this project to continue:

Someone needs to contact the guys at Legendary Auto Interiors and get new seat foams and covers donated. The AMC vendors that sell these covers have given until they can give no more. Personally I do not think we can ask them to donate these items. They may be able to help persuade Legendary to donate them.

The seats that I have are blue and they need to be black. There are also 2 passenger seats that are in the car that do not match that will be available for sale once the correct ones are installed in the car. We will also need some Black SEM paint for the seat backs and trim.

We Need Everyone's Help To Get This Done, ASAP!

Please Contact Me Directly at

Or Frank at

Thanks for your continued interest,

David W. DeLabio
On-Site Coordinator, Project Charity AMX, Southeastern Wisconsin


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November 18, 2005

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