Third Report of Work Done - Racine, Wisconsin Stop

April 23, 2003

Today I took a short drive to visit the Charity AMX at Zion Auto Body [Ed: the deal to have Jay Bee Auto Body do the body work fell through and Zion Auto Body has agreed to do all body work]. I dropped off a sign that the owner Dan had requested for their counter to advertise our project.

I went out into the shop and had a discussion with Steve the body man that is donating all his time to the repair. Steve informed me that the AMX had been hit in the right quarter panel a long time ago in the cars life. hence the bad replacement of the quarter then. the inner wheel well has been pushed in 3/4 to one inch at least. This would cause a problem if it is not pulled out. When the full replacement quarter is set in place there is a gap between the inner and outer lip. if he pushed the outer in to remove the gap the gap at the rear of the door disappears. Steve stated that they will be pulling the wheel well and surrounding area back out to where it was originally so all parts will fit properly. Steve has prepped the replacement quarter and is about ready to be set in place. He is hoping to re-weld the new quarter on this coming weekend. He has removed the old quarter panel all the way to the original spot welds and will be reassembling them the way they should have been done the first time it was repaired.

They have also removed the front and rear glass. The rear will be reused but Steve has said that the front will be replaced with a brand new one donated by their supplier due to the tint being pretty badly faded and he needed to remove it to blast and paint the frame anyhow.

Steve is pictured with the car and under the Zion Auto Body sign. We owe a great deal of gratitude to both Steve and Dan at Zion Auto Body.

Lets all come up with a special way to say thanks for the great work they are doing.

Please send your ideas to:


David W. De Labio
On-Site Coordinator, Project Charity AMX, Southeastern Wisconsin


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