Second Report of Work Done - Racine, Wisconsin Stop

September 15, 2002

It has been a big success for the AMX today [Ed: Sept 10] on two fronts. One, Tom from Jay Bee Auto Body has agreed to so some body work on the Project Charity AMX. He has not said how much they are willing to do or when he can start on the project. He asked me to call him again in a month so see how busy his shop is at that time. Right now they are to busy with work that they are overloaded and were unable to do it right now. He gave me his card and he is willing to do some. I told him if they could take the dents out of the roof it would be greatly appreciated. His response to that was "We will do more for you than that I am sure."

We owe a lot of credit to Mike and Amy Serpe of Kenosha for making the initial contact. Those of us that really care about this project, should send them both a note and let them know that there work is highly appreciated.

Second bit of good new is that the Charity AMX is now at an undisclosed location in Kenosha tucked away safely in a garage to keep the water and dirt away from her. My fiancée, Kristine’s grandmother has kindly allowed us to keep the care stored in her garage for as long as it needs to be here. Now I am not concerned about the up and coming snow for the car because it is comfy cozy I a garage.

We are still in need of several important parts very soon.

1.    Drivers seat. Since the ones we have are two passenger seats.
2.    One lower simulated exhaust cover. Since we only have one.
3.    Air cleaner canister with the small center lid for the Ram Air
4.    The heat riser tube for the air cleaner


David W. De Labio
On-Site Coordinator, Project Charity AMX, Southeastern Wisconsin


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