First Report of Work Done - Racine, Wisconsin Stop

August 10, 2002

With the help of a local repair shop "Sports Car Center" (which, by the way, is directly across the street from the location where the American Motors Main Plant once stood) we plan to install the new rear springs and address the electrical systems in the car, it looks though like we will need a windshield wiper switch and the harness since the car will no longer have vacuum wipers.

We have talked with a local auto paint shop that has tentatively agreed to supply enough base coat / clear coat paint in the correct color to give us the final finish on the car. We here in Kenosha are talking with local auto body shops to attempt to locate one that would be willing to repair one or both quarter panels. If anyone has any suggestions I am willing to listen. Please feel free to contact me at (262) 886-8688, I do return all local and long distance calls, or email to:


  • Rear axle hardware. (U-bolts, shock plates, etc. to be used when replacing the rear leaf springs.)
  • Windshield Wiper hardware. We need the little chrome collars that attach the windshield wiper mechanism to the cowl panel. Ours are very pitted and nasty.
  • One '70 AMX 'simulated exhaust' rocker panel molding.
  • Air Cleaner canister parts. At this point, I think we're going to settle for a '70 canister and top, and leave the 'heat riser' situation up to somebody else. If you have ANY '70 V8, we need a air cleaner canister! Tom Benvie has a complete '68-69 'Ram Air' canister that he has offered to trade with someone who could provide the '70 style setup. Help!!
    (4.015-1) 3191898 - DUCT, Carburetor Air ('68-70 V8 w/4-bbl)
    (4.015-3) 3192223 - DUCT, Exhaust Manifold Hot Air ('68-70 exc. 390)
    (4.088) 3198376 - CLEANER, Carburetor Air ('70 360 V8 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-16) 3198374 - DOOR, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-17) 3198375 - RETAINER, Hood Air Scoop Rear Duct Door ('70 w/'cold air induction')
    (12.001-18) 3198370 - CONTROL, Hood Air Scoop Damper ('70 w/'cold air induction')
  • Tires. Tom Benvie is currently collecting contributions in order to purchase a full set of ‘reproduction’ performance tires. The existing tires (two pairs of radials) are already mounted on the car and look quite good...they will suffice until someone is ready to address the wheel situation.
  • Windshield wiper switch and wiring harness.

Dave De Labio


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