Full Report of Work Done - Jacksonville, Florida Stop

August 28, 2000

We would like to have accomplished more work on the car, but now it's on the way to Atlanta, the AMC S.E. Regionals, and the expertise of the Peach State AMO Club. Here is a summary of the work performed

BODYWORK What a challenge! Ed Douglas of Deerfield Beach tackled this job, and was able to complete the front end, truck lid, and passenger door. He also did some "banging out" of roof dents, and removed some bad and not usable parts. Thanks to Steve Singer of Pompano Beach for assisting Ed, and to Jeff Gibson of Litia (near Tampa) for donating a pair of front fenders. The Glen Green Poly has been applied to the parts mentioned, and it's a nice color. STILL NEEDED driver's door, rear valence, both bumpers, rear patch panels.

ENGINE We intended to have the engine back in the car, but a partial tear-down inspection revealed the need for a rebuild. It probably won't  need the full job, but it needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and carefully re-assembled. We were able to acquire some original parts - the Performer intake was swapped for the original cast iron 4 bbl, the Holley 750 was swapped for the original Motorcraft, the dual point was sold for cash for the fund, stock valve covers were obtained, and Blair Supple of Stony Plain, Alberta, donated a original Delco, that looks and feels like new. First Coast AMC has some parts to be sold at the Regionals, with 100% to the Charity AMX Fund (Frank, I have $40 for you, plus what we sell at the show). STILL NEEDED 360 flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, exhaust manifolds, fan.

POWDER COATING Robert Cosgrove, a First Coast AMC member, owns and operates Action Brass, a plating company in Ft. Pierce, FL. He is powder coating the following parts absolutely free - shock towers, alternator brackets, accelerator bracket, dipstick, valve covers, and the set of Magnum 500 wheels. Robert also loaned the car a set of wheels and tires while the wheels are being done. 

One thing I have to mention - we had four people answer our pleas for, and committed to donate body parts. I not only e-mailed these people making arrangements, but also made long distance calls. Not a single part was ever received. Follow ups were made, and we were assured the parts would be coming. Still nothing. This project cannot be completed without all of us pitching in. Empty promises hinder the successful completion of the project.

Additional thanks to Tony Pinto and American Performance Products for helping prep the car for bodywork, removing and evaluating the motor and transmission, and storing the car until the body shop was available.

OTHER IMMEDIATE NEEDS power brake booster and master cylinder, and a 1970 AMX grille (swap you for the Javelin grille we have)

Cliff Danley
First Coast AMC
Jacksonville, Florida

Last Updated: 09/05/2008