Fifth Report of Work Done - Grayson, Georgia Stop

June 4, 2001

The engine block has been vatted and cleaned, the crank has been turned, we now have purchased a flywheel and many of the other needed parts are here. The engine should be reassembled in the next couple of weeks and then put back in the car. By the time it arrives in Houston for the national meet, it should be a running, driving car. We have a volunteer that will bring it to Houston on his trailer for the meet.

We are still in need of some parts or money to purchase them with. Frank does have money in the fund and we may have to draw from that, but if anyone would like to donate to the engine, some of the parts that we still need are:

  • camshaft and lifters (we will probably purchase this kit ourselves because we can get a good price)
  • complete overhaul gasket set
  • oil pump kit
  • battery cables
  • water pump (73 and up style)
  • distributor cap
  • spark plugs
  • points, rotor and condenser
  • oil and filter

As you can see from the above list, we need small parts and major parts, you can donate a little or a lot. If you want to donate the actual part send it directly to me (my address is in the signature). If you want to make a cash donation send it to Frank Swygert at

FARNA Systems/Charity AMX
574 Roberta Avenue
Dover, DE 19901-4646
Phone 302-233-4925

Most if not all of the above parts would need to be new and not used. Thanks for your help with this project. See you all in Houston!

Jeff Barfield
69 Javelin SST 343
82 Spirit D/L 258
AMO #2550
Peach State AMO (Host of the 3rd annual Southeast Regional 9/29/2001)
394 Creek Crossing Ct.
Grayson, GA 30017
770 466-8463


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