Third Report of Work Done - Grayson, Georgia Stop

April 10, 2001

The engine from the Charity AMX has now been disassembled, thanks to George Doughtie and Ron Waters. They found that the bearings and lifters were shot, but the block, rods and pistons all are in good shape. The block will not have to be bored, just honed and vatted for cleaning. In the next few weeks we will be reassembling the engine. Parts that will be needed are bearings, rings, lifters, timing set, (not sure about the timing cover yet), water pump and I'm sure there are more. We plan to supply most of these items, but if someone wants to donate one or more, we will gladly accept.

We do need an oil pan and don't have one readily available, so if you have one that you are willing to donate, let me know. I am waiting on one person who promised a flywheel. I also have someone else who indicated that they would look for a clutch setup, so hopefully they will find one and send it to me.

The list below, is everyone that has donated to the car since it arrived in Georgia. If I have left anyone out, please let me know.

Power Brake booster and master cylinder Jeff Puras
Drivers door Jeff Reeves
Underhood clip and bolt kit Jeff Barfield
Ball joints Jeff Kennedy (Kennedy American)
Ram air "Y" adapter Jeff Bickerstaff

(Are you noticing a pattern here?)

Front end bushings and head work Ron Waters (not a Jeff)
Drivers door hinges Louie and Carol Lanthrip
NOS Radio antenna Mark Knapp
Alternator Doug Noland
$200 worth of whatever we need NAPA Auto Parts
Storage and shop space George Doughtie

If you have anything that you would like to donate to the project contact me, all my information is in the signature. I will keep you updated as the engine rebuild progresses.

Jeff Barfield
69 Javelin SST 343
82 Spirit D/L 258
AMO #2550
Peach State AMO (Host of the 3rd annual Southeast Regional 9/29/2001)
394 Creek Crossing Ct.
Grayson, GA 30017
770 466-8463


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