Second Report of Work Done - Grayson, Georgia Stop

December 15, 2000

This past Sunday several Peach State AMO members gathered at George Doughtie's house and reassembled the front suspension. Many of the parts were bead blasted and then painted with POR15 donated by Glenn and Stormy Snidle of Classic Restorations. The suspension was then reassembled with bushings donated by Ron Waters ( and ball joints donated by Jeff Kennedy of Kennedy American (614 879-7283). The swaybar is at my house to be cleaned up and painted and then it will be reinstalled also using bushings donated by Ron.

In the very near future the brake booster and master cylinder will be reinstalled and then the car will be rollable and stoppable (are those words?). Once we can roll it around again we will begin work on the engine. Our goal, if it doesn't get too involved, is to have the car leave Georgia driveable. The car's next stop is San Antonio, TX where AJ and crew will start the next phase.

With a little luck, the car will be at the AMO nationals in Houston this July and looking a lot better than it did in Daytona or at the Southeast Regionals this year in Atlanta.

Anyone wishing to donate parts or money contact me (my info is below) or Frank Swygert at

Jeff Barfield
69 Javelin SST 343
82 Spirit D/L 258
AMO #2550
Peach State AMO (Host of the 3rd annual Southeast Regional 9/29/2001)
394 Creek Crossing Ct.
Grayson, GA 30017
770 466-8463


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