Third Report of Work Done - Auburn Hills, MI Stop

October 9, 2007

From John Widiker:

I'm donating my dash overlay to replace the Javelin one that's on the car once we get to the inside.

I've got the Charity AMX going next door for body in next few weeks, it was supposed to happen earlier this summer but the guys next door have been positively slammed with work. They have finally gotten me a spot on their floor, once it's there it shouldn't take long as space for them is at a premium. I do think we chatted about the fact that most of what's been done on the body other then hanging the quarter is being redone. It's a good start, but nowhere near ready for paint, and panel alignment could be better.  The paint and materials are in hand and were donated by our local paint supply.

I have NOT had any luck with Legendary getting seat covers or other parts. The guy who drives to the shows for them would love to help but the people who can actually say yes don't even call back. My interior guy will recover them as soon as we can get the covers, the seats are on top of my office right now just waiting.

The only glaring missing items are the turn signal lenses from the grill now.  I'm sure there is other stuff but over all I think we got most of from the box we received from the previous shop.

I've just gotten signatures for three major long term projects in my shop, all summer we busted our humps on day long thrashes and didn't have much "spare" time. Now we are looking a little bit more comfortable and able to devote more to the car.

I'll have additional updates shortly (hold me to that promise) and I'm dying to see this car not looking like it did when it arrived.


John Widiker (
On-Site Coordinator, Project Charity AMX, Auburn Hills, Michigan


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