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What Information Is Needed

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Note: This project has morphed into the AMCyclopedia. I'm no longer maintaining this section of my website but you can find some of this information (and much, much more) at Eventually, everything here will be on that site.

Right now, information is needed for all models and assemblies. What we'd prefer to have is information gathered from low mileage, all original cars. For example, I'm currently getting information from a gentleman who is restoring a 1966 Rambler American with 3,000 miles. This is the type of car I'm hoping to get information from. The fewer the miles, the less likely that anything has been done to it.

In order to organize the information better, we are taking a subassembly approach to gathering information. What this means is that we will focus our attention on one subassembly at a time, gathering and verifying each part of the assembly as we go along. For now, this discussion will take place on the AMC-List (visit for information on subscribing to it). All information gathered will be posted on this web site and classified. The classifications are as follows:

  • Confirmed - This information has been found to be factory correct. It has been verified by several sources including low mileage cars, owner accounts, and/or factory documentation (TSM's, parts books, internal memos, etc...).
  • Unconfirmed - This information has not undergone the above process. It may or may not be correct.
  • Incorrect - This information is not correct. It may apply to another year or model, but not for the one presented. This information will likely detail items that are commonly done to keep a car driveable without any regard to originality.

Most of the information we are looking for is detail information about how parts were assembled. This includes items such as color, position, assembly/ID marks, casting numbers, etc.

If you wish to to contribute to this project, I would prefer the following:

  • Year and model
  • VIN and body plate codes
  • Any other body data plates
  • Build sheet (if available)
  • Which category the item detailed fits into: power train, suspension (front or rear), body, interior, under-hood, or trunk.
  • A detailed description of the item(s) submitted.
  • Part numbers
  • Supporting documentation (please include pictures or video tape if possible).
  • Your name and contact information (phone number, e-mail address, etc. - this information will be kept confidential)

All pictures and supporting documentation will be returned after copies are made. Please send an e-mail to Contact Form for information on how to send me the information.

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