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Standard Equipment and Option Availability , 1971 Javelin, SST and AMX

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Note: This project has morphed into the AMCyclopedia. I'm no longer maintaining this section of my website but you can find some of this information (and much, much more) at Eventually, everything here will be on that site.


This is the beginning of a series intended to document what is factory correct for the 1971-74 Javelin series. As in all beginnings, there is still much to be discovered. I am looking for individuals who can back up and/or offer corrections to any of the information presented here. The goal is to work towards a final draft for publication in the AMC judging/restoration guide. I am starting with 1971 not because it is the first year, but because it is the year that I have the most comprehensive information on. Also, those who own 1971-74 AMX series please contact me about registering your car if you haven't done so. Thanks!

Direct your correspondence to: Cliff Danley at You can visit the 1971-74 Javelin AMX registry at

 Factory Standard Equipment :

 1971 Javelin- Exterior ( Changes from 1970 )
  1. Full span front grille opening
  2. Sculptured fender panels
  3. New exterior surfaces
  4. Reduced height from 52" to 51"
  5. Increased width from 72" to 75" and rear tread from 57" to 60"
  6. Increased wheelbase from 109" to 110" and overall length from 191" to 192"
  7. New rear spoiler lip
  8. New twin canopy roof panel
  9. Sculptured hood
  10. Back up light w/Javelin bullseye
  11. New side paint stripe
Interior , Engine and Mechanical ( Changes from 1970 ):
  1. Curved cockpit instrument panel
  2. New 258 cid 6cyl. engine
  3. New 401 V8 engine
  4. New emission control and low lead fuel
  5. New cowl induction air system
  6. New Go Pack option for AMX series
  7. Improved transmissions
  8. New ventilated rotor front disc brake system
  9. Suspension refinements
  10. New shoulder belt hook up and stowage
  11. New rigid windshield washer bottle
  12. Improved air conditioning system
  13. New guard rail door structure
  14. New high intensity headlights
  15. New headlights off delay system
  16. Improved transistorized alternator and sealed voltage regulator
  17. New sports console
  18. New front bumper guard
  19. New brake pedal size ( narrower width) and ratio ( from 5.7:1 to 6.4:1)
  20. New parking brake ratio
  21. Improved variable ratio power steering
1971 Javelin Base Model, Exterior:
  1. Bright trim around window and windshield
  2. Javelin Bullseye on center of grille
  3. Javelin nameplate on hood
  4. Javelin nameplate and bullseye on "C" pillar
  5. Javelin nameplate on deck lid and bullseye on back up light lens
  6. Single side paint stripe
  7. Bright hub caps
1971 Javelin Base Model, Interior:
  1. Silver toned instrument panel overlay
  2. Custom steering wheel ( woodgrained minus rim blow )
  3. Javelin name plate above glove box
  4. Glove box lock
  5. Cigarette lighter behind flip up door
  6. 232 CI 1-barrel 135 HP engine
  7. 3-speed fully syncromesh floor shift transmission
1971 Javelin SST Series, Exterior:
  1. Bright drip rail moldings
  2. Bright lower window opening moldings
  3. Bright lower sill panel and wheel opening moldings
  4. Bright moldings on hood and front fender forward lip
  5. Bright lower deck lid and rear fender molding
  6. SST emblems on lower rear quarter panel
  7. Full wheel covers
1971 Javelin SST Series, Interior:
  1. Burled walnut finish instrument cluster overlay
  2. Sports steering wheel with rim blow
  3. Assist handle on passenger side
  4. Ash tray in rear quarter trim panels
  5. Bright pedal moldings
  6. Pleated vinyl seats in four colors
1971 Javelin AMX Series, Exterior:
  1. Grille screen
  2. Grille located parking and directional signal lamps
  3. AMX name plate on grille
  4. Special fiberglass hood
  5. Right rearview mirror
  6. AMX name plate on "C" pillar
  7. Rear spoiler with AMX name plate
  8. Functional air scoops in front valence
  9. 14"x6" Spoke style wheels
1971 Javelin AMX Series, Interior:
  1. Engine turned finish instrument cluster overlay
  2. Clock ( less tachometer )
  3. Sports console for auto or manual transmission, less armrest
  4. Heavy duty 11" clutch for 3-speed manual transmission, standard
  5. 360 CI 2-barrel, 245 HP engine standard
Options Not Available, 1971 Base Model Javelin:
  1. Pleated vinyl, corduroy or leather bucket seats. Only embossed vinyl is offered.
  2. AMX go package.
  3. Front spoiler.
  4. 3-speed manual transmission with 360 engine combination
  5. Column shift manual transmissions
  6. Hood t-stripe
  7. C78 X 14 belted tires, black or white, with V8 engine
Options Not Available, 1971 Javelin SST Series:
  1. Embossed vinyl bucket seats
  2. AMX go package
  3. Front spoiler
  4. 3-speed manual transmission with 360 engine combination
  5. Column shift manual transmissions
  6. Hood t-stripe
  7. C78 X 14 belted tires, black or white, with V8 engine
Options Not Available, 1971 Javelin AMX Series:
  1. Embossed vinyl bucket seats
  2. 232 CI 6-cyl, 1 barrel engine
  3. 258 CI 6-cyl, 1 barrel engine
  4. 304 CI, V8 , 2 barrel engine
  5. Column shift automatic transmissions
  6. Column shift manual transmissions
  7. Luggage rack on rear deck lid
  8. Wheel covers
  9. Rally side stripe
  10. C78 X 14 belted tires, black or white
  11. D78 X 14 belted tires, black or white
  12. E78 X 14 belted tires, black or white

Note: All factory options build on the previous series equipment, except where a part is a direct replacement. Options not available are based on factory literature and registry findings to date. Some changes are still not clear. For example, the 3-spoke steering wheel replaced the rim blow in the SST and AMX about 12/70. But the plain steering wheel in the base model appears not to have been changed. This is just one of many areas that need clarification. Any conclusive information from car owners will be greatly appreciated.

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